Freitag, 31. Januar 2014

Another Fresh Start

It's 2014! I haven't updated this blog for AGES.

I'll keep the news short: lots of really good things happened.
After having recently noticed how much I actually missed blogging, I promised Yvonne I'd start again and write a post before January's over, so here it is. A shiny new post. Another fresh start.

I'm currently reading The Happiness Project which is enormously inspiring. A dangerous thing about a book like that is that it can get you all excited, run to a stationery shop to get a new fancy notebook, jot down resoultions and forget it all altogether three days later because you have way too much on your plate already.

So my primary goal/resolution/whateveryoumightcallit for 2014 is to stick with the resolutions.
Right after it comes another one: Declutter. My flat, my possessions, my head. I'm going to use this blog as a helpful tool and document the changes, mostly about the flat (my passion for interior decoraion didn't go anywhere, it's staying for good).

I traveled excessively in 2012/2013, so much that I actually got tired of planes and not being at home. This year, I wanna spend more time in my amazing, cozy flat and do a whole lot of decluttering and reorganizing. I do believe it'll open up some space to even more positive changes.

Here's my work in progress: the right side where I keep my work materials is all done (turned out all I had to do is order some new folders, get rid of the worn out ones plus a mountain or random handouts) and the left one is waiting for me to get started. How come I never really get to making stuff? Does it have anything to do with the overstuffed and messy drawers? 

Well, to be honest I did manage to finish a couple of tiny projects, like this mini-art wall above my desk. 
Nothing fancy, just some frames, souvenirs and happy pictures to lift my mood. Sorry for the nasty iPhone snapshots, I'll tackle this issue at some point during the year. 

Coming soon: Decluttering Stage 1 - Getting started. 
See, Yvonne? Es geht doch!