Samstag, 3. Juli 2010

Progress report

It's been a while. Too hot to work, to be honest. Well, there's still something I'd love to show you, my dear non-existent readers.
Where shall we start?
Blue + blue
What have we here? It's definitely blue...
Door knobs
But what can it be?
A close up of my new blue cupboard
Oh! What soft lines... and more blue!
Cupboard - almost done!
Oh yes! It's a cupboard!
Cupboard - ALMOST done
It took me several weeks and many many hours of work to get this far. As you can see, there's still a couple of things to do - but I am already totally happy with the results. I've wallpapered the back wall and also the insides - more close ups to come!
Coolest deal ever
More news from the dining room - my latest supermegaüberdeal from eBay. I paid an exact amount of 33 euros for 4 of these beautiful chairs. They're to become white, of course - and I'd love some advice on new fabric.
Dining room - filling the nice
What was in the background again? My new shelves in the niche!

Well, there are more blue pics coming soon - let me know what you think, dear non-exis! Meanwhile, I'm gonna mix a mojito or  two...