Sonntag, 19. September 2010

Kitchen + Dining Room Tour with a hint of before/after

Hey, dear non-exis (slowly I start thinking there's actually someone out there, especially after two of my humble pictures have been featured by the interior guru and big autumn lover Holly ).

Today you're all up to a kitchen tour. No excuses accepted.
Remember  this?
And this?
the new table + a million of boxes
Well, there have been some changes.
A bit of cheerful blue goes a loooooooooong way. Our cleaning lady has recently said she was looking forward to every Friday when she could spend a couple of hours in our place :) 

Ib Laursen lamps I've been hunting for ages. Well, now they're in and we just need to paint the ugly stripe left from the previous, very hospital-like lamp (not in the picture in order not to hurt your aestethical feelings :)

I'm in love with our Non-Smeg's colour. It matches the stove perfectly :)
The kitchen is always so full of light!
And blue mugs, of course. And tea. As the autumn comes closer (and colourful leaves are turning in the air :)
I tend to increase my tea consumption by litres!

Now, let's move on to the dining room.
Here's some personal thanks to Margret, my boyfriend's mum. She's sewn ALL the curtains in our place (and that's a LOT!) and I just can't thank her enough! Margret, a big hug for you! Besser hätte es keiner machen können.

Still need to fill those niche shelves. We went to the flea market as sellers last week and got rid of so much ugly stuff! I'm very confident that one feels happier if he's surrounded by the things he loves.

As usual, Frau Müller says Hi in a rather suspicious way. She turned 3 last week! Congratulations, Vivi, you're the loveliest cat in the universe. We're so happy to have you! (Well, now this blog is a REAL Katzenblog!)
So long,
Fr. Mayer

Sonntag, 12. September 2010

A glimpse of the living room + a practical bonus

I guess I'll never manage to post regularly and tell long, emotional stories about the leaves landing on my balcony. Whatever. Here's a couple of (too dark) shots from my living room. This sofa makes me and everybody else living here totally happy. It's also a constant source of anxiety (Spots! Jumpy cats!), though.

The new sofa

I need a million of frames. The living room is still not cosy enough...

The door to my room
This is not really the living room - I just wanted to show off my door. And the wallpaper (it was one extreme experience, standing on the ladder, trying to get the stripes straight. Those ceilings are 3,80 high!)
This is not a pretty picture. However, this piece of furniture makes me extremely happy. It's three meters wide and holds just about everything that needs to be tucked away. And - for the first time in my life I have a decent closet. Everything fits! Bliss...

Dienstag, 7. September 2010

Blog chaos

I completely destroyed my old blog design. Just didn't want it to be 'shabby' any more.
Hope one day I'll have a lovely header and all those thingies every decent blogger gotta have. Not now...

My study: a little tour

I guess I'm ready to show a glimpse of my study. There's still so much to be done but if I wait until I'm finished there'll be no updates here for centuries. So, let's get started, dear non-exis.

My study

Ikea + some DIY, I painted this cubby shelf white and covered Ikea pinboard with striped wallpaper. There are some washing pins on the wall holding my favourite postcards and the blue lamp by Lisbeth Dahl is a total highlight of the room. the pictures on top of the cubby shelf will go soon - you can't see but right behind me there's a huge plastic box full of frames and pictures in urgent need of framing. 15 more frames :) - and my art wall is ready to be set up. I'm also planning a massive Etsy splurge, so let's hope Euro becomes stronger.

Shelf: Ordnung muss sein!

Talking about the power of white paint. I painted wooden mag holders from IKEA and covered the files on the bottom shelf with a map (1 Euro, flea market) - as well as the little box on the top shelf. I'm a huge fan of paint chips, so I used those to make my mag holders look a bit more colorful.

Shelf closeup

A little bonus - what I see from my window every day. Usually, there are some squirells sitting on that roof and making Ms. Müller agressive.
What I see from my window

A bonus bonus - the garden. No wonder Ms. Müller wants to go for a walk on the balcony all the time.
The garden

I'll see you all non-exis later. Due to a rather gloomy weather I can't show more but there'll be updates, I promise :)

Samstag, 4. September 2010

Ideas to steal from the current House Doctor catalog and a weak vital sign from Fr. Mayer

Who doesn't love some House Doctor? Well, their catalog is a constant source on inspiration. And pinecones. And mushrooms. You know, I'm a total sucker for a mushroom, so if you want to attract a bunch of drooling Frau Mayers, just place a mushroom in your product and wait. Well, let's see what's in this one...
  • Long candles, tied together with a bow. 
  • Europallets on castors, covered with glass (go for it?) 
  • Simple candles in a glass with beautiful labels/papers on them
  • Pinecone garlands (totally easy! Gotta make one!) and pinecone wreaths (not easy at all. Need one anyway)
  • Mushroom baubles (again! Gotta have my load of custom-made mushrooms soon :) 
A while ago I purchased a fireplace. A fake fireplace. Basically, it's just a frame. If the Ebay God agrees to be nice to me, I might even receive it soon. I'm prepared to trade it for my flu which is the second flu this month which makes me kind of sad because the weather's so good and we've been planning an active fleamarket (Us! Loading the car with all the .... and selling it for a bunch of money) for ages. I'm so sick of being sick but at least I have a couple of minutes to look at beautifully arranged pinecones and mushrooms now. And clean up the mess in my room. And order those frames. And prepare for the good times when I can go back to work and function normally, without being hit by some sly little virus.
Images: House Doctor