Sonntag, 19. September 2010

Kitchen + Dining Room Tour with a hint of before/after

Hey, dear non-exis (slowly I start thinking there's actually someone out there, especially after two of my humble pictures have been featured by the interior guru and big autumn lover Holly ).

Today you're all up to a kitchen tour. No excuses accepted.
Remember  this?
And this?
the new table + a million of boxes
Well, there have been some changes.
A bit of cheerful blue goes a loooooooooong way. Our cleaning lady has recently said she was looking forward to every Friday when she could spend a couple of hours in our place :) 

Ib Laursen lamps I've been hunting for ages. Well, now they're in and we just need to paint the ugly stripe left from the previous, very hospital-like lamp (not in the picture in order not to hurt your aestethical feelings :)

I'm in love with our Non-Smeg's colour. It matches the stove perfectly :)
The kitchen is always so full of light!
And blue mugs, of course. And tea. As the autumn comes closer (and colourful leaves are turning in the air :)
I tend to increase my tea consumption by litres!

Now, let's move on to the dining room.
Here's some personal thanks to Margret, my boyfriend's mum. She's sewn ALL the curtains in our place (and that's a LOT!) and I just can't thank her enough! Margret, a big hug for you! Besser hätte es keiner machen können.

Still need to fill those niche shelves. We went to the flea market as sellers last week and got rid of so much ugly stuff! I'm very confident that one feels happier if he's surrounded by the things he loves.

As usual, Frau Müller says Hi in a rather suspicious way. She turned 3 last week! Congratulations, Vivi, you're the loveliest cat in the universe. We're so happy to have you! (Well, now this blog is a REAL Katzenblog!)
So long,
Fr. Mayer


  1. Absolutely fabulous, dear Frau. :-)

    As classy as ever. I love the amount of light and air in your home. It's really spacious and cosy at the same time. I'm a bit jealous, I have to admit.
    Is there a chance to see the bathroom (as a final straw to my longing eyes)?

  2. My dear, you don't have to be jealous. I'd me more than happy to provide some advice for your home - should you ever decide to show me a glimpse of it ;) Maybe that is going to be the right excuse for us to finally get togehter?
    As for the bahtroom - it's probably the darkest room in the entire flat as it only has a rather small window. It's totally difficult to take pictures there and, to be very honest, it doesn't look anywhere close to what I want it to be. Let's just say, there's still a green carpet and an old laundry basket my boyfriend used to have in his apartment in there. No shower curtain. No pictures on the shelves. And I only got to putting an old wine crate for stray mags there yesterday which actually tells a lot about me neglecting my oasis of relaxation, LOL. Yeah, no lamps there either. I'm ashamed!

  3. Schön! So schön! Hell, freundlich und mit ein paar erfrischenden Farbtupfern.

    Die Spüle ist ja der absolute Knaller! So eine hätte ich auch irgendwann einmal gerne. Ist sie pflegeleicht oder täuscht der Eindruck?

    Den Spiegel habe ich vor zwei Jahren bei einem Internetshop bestellt. Er ist (glaube ich) von House Doctor.

    Liebe Grüße, Nadine

  4. i love love love your kitchen. where did you get your stove?

    your blog is great!

  5. Well, thank you, december.rose, welcome to the club! I happen to love this blog, too, I just never write here ;)
    This is an Ikea stove, it was very reasonably priced - and it does look gorgeous!