Montag, 31. August 2009

I wonder why

pictures can make one so happy... That's nothing new though: I'm addicted to design mags. Pics, pics, pics, all getting my fantasy organ working.
What is new is that now I am the happy owner of three (!!!) hot subscriptions. Wow. It all went so fast... Many thanks to a very special person who's partly guilty of the above.

And: probably later this week there'll be very special pics right here, on this modest blog (so that my modest non-existent readers have something to be looking forward to) as I've finally purchased another much desired object. Yes, I can! (or will be able to) 

Sonntag, 30. August 2009

Motivation issues

As my motivation was slightly damaged this last Friday, I needed some emergency help...
A short visit to Ikea to find out they DO have Vika Artur trestles in white!

I'm going to add a very simple plain white top (or hope that I'll find something that looks a bit more vintage).
Love the wall colour, too. However, there's too much IKEA for my taste.

Found the pics here (be sure to check out this page if you're ikeaized, too)  - Tons of pictures!

And: I've finally done that! Got a 1-year-Living etc-subscription. The only fly in the ointment is that to keep the costs at bay, I'll have it delivered to my London-based best friend and collect them next year - the earliest I'll make it to England.


Freitag, 28. August 2009

Pefect froth mission accomplished

Got it! The secret was too easy to be proud of it.
Take a plain macchiato glass.
Fill with milk.
Put under the steamer.
No moving, no fiddling round with cups, nothing.

Gonna hit another fleamarket tomorrow.
Started ripping my mags, only keeping the pages I really fancy  - definitely need space.
The rest really doesn't deserve mentioning.
A bit more than half-a-year without a dishwasher.

Donnerstag, 27. August 2009

X-mas, where r u?

Good news: I've finally learned to make a pretty great froth. Espresso's still in progress. The overall result is definitely drinkable/enjoybale to me.

 Not so good news: X-mas is so, so far away. Which means: I'll have to wait for my Real Living subscription for ages.

So far it's the best design mag I've ever read. I guess, it even beats Domino due to the down-to-earth projects featured on practically every page.
My next favorite is Living etc - discovered it on my  Thailand trip this summer (I actually dragged home a bunch of back issues - there were TONS of them at Chatuchak market - dating back to the late nineties) and purchased some more at ebay a while go. For some reason, the British seller refused to ship the mags to my friend in London so I'll have to go through the whole procedure once again - this time having made sure the mags are purchase via the English ebay account. Nerving!

Dienstag, 25. August 2009

More fleamarket finds

I need a break so badly! Somewhere in the world there are women busying themselves inventing a yummy dinner for their hubby and pulling scrapbooks together. Well... Not the case here.

Tonight there're more fleamarket finds to adore.

I found this beauty in an old paper box full of 50 cent garbage. It's handmade in Greece.

Here it is, enjoying its second life. (I absolutely HATE the wallpaper. Can't wait to get into a place with plain walls in need of some lovely paint).

This bat-marked treasure cost me 3 euros. I couldn't believe my luck! There are many lamps like this to be found at German flea markets - in all possible colours.

Yet another proof of my tiny-bottle-fetish. This baby cost me 50 cent - and it looks so unique compared to the mass Ikea bottles with a terrible plastic cork.
The peppers come from my MOST favourite Turkish store round the corner. NB: you shouldn't keep olive oil exposed to direct sunlight unless you REALLY need to showcase the bottle it's in.

The final pic for today: my flower-pot-to-be:

You got it all right! 50 cent!

Sonntag, 23. August 2009

My pics all got cut by the vile blogspot!
HOW do I get them repaired?

Ghost of the Flea

I finally made myself take some pictures!
Yesterday I spent a couple of hours at the Langenhagen flea market. The place is huge and a visit without a thick layer of spf and your own coffee flask is highly non-reccomended (it got REALLY hot and the coffee was sensationally BAD).

And this is what came home with me yesterday (apart from some pimp-my-bike thingies like a basket and a bell that cost €4 together and that still need to be fastened)

The biggest highlight of them all. I fell in love at once. Imagine some fancy shabby chic online store selling this cuteness for €49,99 :) I got it for 5! (pls dont pay attention to the spots on my kitchen table, it really needs to be sanded and lacquered)

It's time to admit it. I have a tin fetish. This one is going to hold my baking supplies (although I virtually never bake).

The lid view. Isn't it just beautiful? 50 cent (no hip hop allusions here!)

I also have a clear tiny-bottle-fetish. When I grow up and have a kitchen larger than 2,5 square metres, I'll have loads of shelves to exhibit my passion (filled with all kinds of olive oil).
€ 2,50 for three.

This glass is shabby chic pure. It says "Le Parfait super" and I still have no clue what to fill it with as I don't eat any sugary stuff.

That is probably one of my most grown-up purchases ever. A silver cutlery set from Solingen (50 pieces). I happily invested € 17 and can get rid of my ugly IKEA cutlery (worn out plastic blue handles, brrr) now.

The shells were for free. Oh yeah, and have I mentioned I have a shell fetish, too?

I'll be uploading part II today with some older, wonderful flea market finds and right now I'll be heading to the garden to get some work done (on Sunday, yes).

Samstag, 22. August 2009

Badregal abuse

After several pretty unpleasant ebay fights, I finally got it!
It wasn't too cheap but I' ve got several folders standing around and I really need something to put them on in my room.

Unfortunately, the earliest I can pick it up is September... Until then the folders will have to lead their lonely life on the floor and I'll be checking the ebay store I bought the shelf from - they have LOADS of Impressionen stuff (and I can't really afford buying anything new off Impressionen - that shelf was 50 % off compared to the original price).

Freitag, 21. August 2009

Pics or no pics - that's the question

Checked out my very modest Flickr sets. Too ashamed to post anything... I do need a new camera SO badly.

So after a really HOT (in the means of temperature :) week, it's raining here. Totally refreshing...

I'm drinking an excellent (and pricey) sencha, listening to salsa and entertaining Ms. Müller while anticipating a trip to the huge Langenhagen flea market tomorrow. Hoping to find some stuff to pimp up my bike (basket, bike bell, lamp etc.) and, if i'm lucky, some nice cutlery. Will do my best and keep my distance from decorating thingies - my flat's getting too crammed.

Speaking of flea markets... I do have some incredibly great items I might get to photographing later in order to compensate the non-present flat pics... Just have to finish the cleaning action :)

Samstag, 15. August 2009

It's here, it's here!

My wonderful Magnifica coffee machine arrived yesterday and I've already done a fair bit of experimenting!
Have to do some reading on making a perfect froth/a really good espresso, though. And I need macchiato spoons (not only them, my cutlery is ultimately ugly so one day I'll have to get updated in this area, too). I'll also need a cool container for the coffee beans - and more space (the entire fridge top is now taken and the window sill is full of stuff, too - will I ever have a larger kitchen???)

Off to the gym but I guess I'll be posting some apartment pics tonight - it's time to show the world Frau Mayer and cat's little nest :)

Montag, 10. August 2009

So, I got very reasonable provided how much extra stuff I'd need to go along with the stylish yellow Ascaso masterpiece.

What's moving in in my kitchen looks just like this

Wow, isn't that an adult decision?
Looks like a junkie one to me, though :)

Now I'm going to be full of anticipation and go sit at the next coffeeshop until it arrives!

Sonntag, 9. August 2009

The coffee question

Just look at those babies!
Drooling all over the yellow one. The only thing that makes me a bit sad is the price.
For appr. 300 I could get a DeLonghi Esam - a pretty hot thingy, though not a bit as stylish as this Ascaso dream thing (the name does fit!)

In the last months I ve definitely spent a couple of hundred on macchiatos here and there, so I guess this is a really money-saving investment. If only I could decide myself...

Too bad my blog doesn't have any readers yet, noone with a good advice... I should probably send Frau Müller to go and take care of the advertising :)

Samstag, 8. August 2009

A warm welcome :)

Hard to believe but instead of being in the sun, I'm finally doing it!

Another completely useless blog which is probably going to be filled with some kitty pics and half-finished DIYs as well as pics of cool stuff I don't possess.

I guess, I'll write in English, sometimes slipping to German.

Absolutely no time for such stuff, no decent camera, nothing that I could show the world.
Whatever, let's get this party started, Frau Müller, my secretary is not excited at all which means - good luck to me :)

Frau Mayer & Frau Müller