Sonntag, 23. Januar 2011

Kleinigkeiten + Martha Stewart Living for sale!

Hello there, my dearest non-existing lurking friends.
What's new here? Well, Frau Mayer has decided to treat herself better in 2011 (who hasn't?!). Means: do more for the body (yes, I do go to the gym on a regular basis and have actually managed to do so at least twice a week, every week!) and for the soul. The latter means: organize. Finish projects. For instance, two weeks ago I sat down and made this:

These ones were so much fun to make:
And here's my source of inspiration. Too bad I didn't come up with this idea myself, provided my severe map fetish!

Now, the trees are all gone. So are the mushrooms. And so is pre-Xmas stress at work. I'm really enjoying January which is virtually corrections-free.
Sometimes it's Kleinigkeiten (little things) that make one happy! 
There'll be even more pictures of frames, art walls and such as soon as my newly ordered frames and mats arrive. I'm so proud of myself because I finally took several hours to sit down, measure everything and spend a couple of hundred on my art-wall-to-be. I was really tired of empty walls and my favorite prints lying on the floor. More updates soon!

Now, I'm also happy to announce that I have a bunch of Martha Stewart Living mags for sale.
Dec 09, Jan, March, Apr, May, June, July 10. I can add two more to this bunch, however, I forgot Feb 10 in NJ (where we spent the holidays) and there's another summer edition, June or July 08, as far as I remember, somewhere in my basement (which still needs some re-organizing).
25 Euros for this bunch - I live in Germany and would be happy to send within the country for a flat rate of 4 Euros (insured).  If you're in Europe, drop me a line and I'll update you on shipping costs.
Now, back to work, back to work!

Sonntag, 9. Januar 2011

Same month, different post!

This is what I call action! As I'm slowly recovering from severe jetlag, I'm trying to find some time for too-long-procrastinated-over things, too.
Like creating an art wall (and this is a HUGE project. Honestly, I'm scared of it). Or buying fabric for a million of cushions I'd like to have. Or decluttering the bathroom. Or selling things in the basement that are taking up space. Or getting a new washing machine (yes, it has to be Miele. I surrender).
Or maybe saying a big thank you to someone who introduced me to soft trees!
Now, I had the most amazing time in Lüneburg, browsing place like this:

And thinking of getting some fluffy trees myself - which I didn't because right after Christmas we packed our things and went to face the blizzards - pobably the most stupid time to fly to the states. Ever. 

And crafting, of course. I actually stuffed a whole little forest!

This time I even got to play in Yvonne's beautiful studio. And entertain Pauline a bit (which was fun, too).

Now I need to survive January (too many days that will be spent at work, too little free time), loose some weight, finish that art wall, get myself another play date and stay inspired.

All pictures courtesy of Yvonne. Tree on!

2011: The Year of Inspiration + Action

Hello there, dear non-existent readers! Frau Mayer is back with a massive resolution for 2011: BE INSPIRED AND ACT.

2010 was great and difficult at the same time. I achieved a lot, finished my teacher training, got a job, found out it was not all cakes and ale. I moved into my dream flat, read (too) many blogs, got inspired, bought furniture, spent endless hours at flea markets and IKEA, decorated, painted, cleaned and organised. I found wonderful new friends (hello there, Yvonne :)  and also lost some. I read (although not enough) and danced quite a bit. I traveled to Morocco, Turkey, London (saw my best friend after quite a break!) and my beloved NJ (yes, and NYC, too! Can't get enough!)  I shopped quite a bit. I got myself a Flickr account.

I read endless magazines.
Right now I feel that I need to read less and do more. During my last visit to Lüneburg I got a whole bunch of lovely mags from Yvonne and fell in love with this Danish apartment. I love the colors and the overall feeling!

Well, it's just logical that the apartment belongs to a Feng Shui expert. She definitely knows her business.
I wouldn't place so many Buddhas in my own place but I love how carefully the details are chosen here.
I never really dared to use pink - maybe it's time to give it a try?

I smiled when I saw this because I have a similar niche in my dining room and it's still half-empty so I'll be working on filling it with some eye candy in 2011, too.
There's only one word to describe this kitchen: gemütlich. Yes, it is!
I love how the owner manages to combine clean and fluffy. And so incredibly simple!

So this is what I am feeling right now - inspired. Let's see what kind of action is going to follow. Happy New 2011, everyone!