Sonntag, 6. Dezember 2009

Slurm in Berlin

I guess I am not going to say anything new if I mention that Prenzelberg, Berlin is the place to go to. Yes, it's a bit TOO trendy, a bit TOO "in" but still totally charming, full of cozy little cafes with a special charm...
One of my favorite breakfast places there is called Slurm. Just found a couple of snapshots from my last visit - I totally loved the wine crates on the wall and my hot chocolate (which came along with the tastiest of all baguettes. Yeah, ok, I admit it. AND a cookie. It was a healthy cranberry one, ever heard that cranberries are good for your health?)

That was such a wonderful, sunny autumn day. Now that it's freezing cold outside, the skies are grey and it seems that the rain will never stop, it's especially nice to think back and feel the sun on your face. Those guys have WiFi as well - which is sursprisingly difficult to find in that area.

Samstag, 5. Dezember 2009

Old pics, new post...

Well, it's been so nice of Holly to mention my most modest blog on her huge, adult one :) Thank you!
Unfortunately, I haven't had time  for shooting pictures and feeling inspired lately. This is why I have to dig out some VERY old pictures to show you a little bit of my living room/bedroom (you see, my apartment is really tiny).
Talk about wallpaper use...

Besides the Ikea curtains (and a table, and a ches of drawers, and a rug, and a little table AND a lamp AND a frame, well, I'm contacting that fashionable Room Magazin right away!) there's something that came from Tapetenagentur as well. I bought a simple MDF board at a Baumarkt and covered it in wallpaper. Smart, huh? Initially I was going to use it as a large, funky frame for pictures. However, the amount of stress that followed  the initial nesting stopped me from completing lots and lots of projects, not only this one.
Here's a close up. Please forgive the quality. To think it was shot by a "professional"!!!!

Let's proceed to the revelation number two. I've got a round bed!

Yes, I know, it's Ikea again. Managed to find this one for about 300 Euros (it retails for 800) and had to pick it up from Bremen. My biggest round dream is a lovely round day cover for that bed (the square one just doesn't fit). The picture is The Ligh Iris by Georgia O'Keefe and a quintessence of femininity for me... I also possess another O'Keefe print which is not on the picture, though. Oh, I really need to have another shoot :)

p.s. I have no clue where these gaps between pictures come from but they're just DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!