Sonntag, 6. Dezember 2009

Slurm in Berlin

I guess I am not going to say anything new if I mention that Prenzelberg, Berlin is the place to go to. Yes, it's a bit TOO trendy, a bit TOO "in" but still totally charming, full of cozy little cafes with a special charm...
One of my favorite breakfast places there is called Slurm. Just found a couple of snapshots from my last visit - I totally loved the wine crates on the wall and my hot chocolate (which came along with the tastiest of all baguettes. Yeah, ok, I admit it. AND a cookie. It was a healthy cranberry one, ever heard that cranberries are good for your health?)

That was such a wonderful, sunny autumn day. Now that it's freezing cold outside, the skies are grey and it seems that the rain will never stop, it's especially nice to think back and feel the sun on your face. Those guys have WiFi as well - which is sursprisingly difficult to find in that area.


  1. Oooo nice. I've never been to that area of Berlin. Only the Mitte and the bahnhof and alexanderplatz and that long shopping road with galleries lafayette. Is Prenzelberg and Prenzlauer Berg the same place?

  2. Yes it is :) I am rather shocked by this revelation, to be honest, Prenzelberg IS the place to go to for all those hip bloggers

  3. Well someone must tell those hip bloggers then! :)

  4. Happy 2010. Where have you been? I've been looking for some new posts or some comments on my facebook page - I miss you Alina, come back to the internet soon! :) :) xo

  5. Hey there, Holly, been recovering from all the stress, more to come in the next months as I'm entering the final phase. Happy 2010 to u, too, there's a little something wanting to go ur way, btw, and I hope this year we'll find some time for a coffee *wink*