Sonntag, 16. Mai 2010

News from the Fantastic Flat

Yesterday we intruded the FF again: this time we brought a folding rule with us (along with the camera, of course).
Following things were discovered:a problem in the kitchen (re-planning!), freshly painted walls in 2 of the rooms, a newly tiled bathroom and the horrible black tiles painted white and looking spotty-gray, just like Frau Müller the Cat.
Here also comes some good news:  I am a Flickr Pro now! Yohoo!
After facing and sorting my past for a while I now have all that unlimited space to store pictures of FF.

The flat: May 2010

The dining room - it's shaped in a rather, hmmm, challenging way, so I'll have to be inventive.
The flat: May 2010
Another balcony and a view of the garden (as seen from behind the dining room balcony door which wasn't to open :)

The flat: May 2010
The door is gorgeous but this wallpaper will have to go. Real quick!
The flat: May 2010
The other side - from my room.The green will have to go, too.

The flat: May 2010
This is what I'll see when I wake up.

The flat: May 2010
The living room - with all the yellow gone. The windows will have to be painted, too.

The flat: May 2010
The flat is full of such details. Love.

The flat: May 2010
According to the tradition: Another horrible kitchen shot. The tiles in their gray beauty.

Next week in the flat: more painting + floors.
In 2 weeks: top secret :)

Donnerstag, 13. Mai 2010


Everybody needs a place to sleep. Even Frau Mayer.
After her round bed disappeared, the question arose: what next?
I was going to combine my study and the bedroom so the searched-for-object wasn't allowed to look too "beddy". Plus, it should be possible to turn it into a loungy sofa any moment. A bit of ebaying and - here's the solution!

More kitchen inspiration + money talk

Here it is, another almost perfect kitchen. discovered at Emmas Designblogg
The sink + the blue chair are talking to me in a loud, clear voice. Meanwhile, I've purchased the fridge - only to discover it's sold out and will be available again on the 19th of May which will leave us with 10 days to have it delivered in time.
The kitchen's completely planned, I've just purchased door knobs at eBay (apothecary ones, what else?!) - and we're awaiting a reply from an installation team. IKEA does offer installation help for 239 Euros (4 hours) but with all the things that need to be connected (dishwasher etc.) and shipping it'll surely add up.

IKEA's got several special offers right now - for instance, all Faktum Abstract door fronts are 1/4 cheaper. They've also go that 0,0 % finance offer (with a fee of 39 Euros :(
I guess, I'll be going for both as the total cost is quickly approaching the 2000 Euros mark.

Mittwoch, 5. Mai 2010

Inspiration + Inline skating

It's time to go outside and skate a bit :) However, I've promised myself to update my lovely little bloggy a bit more often (as if anyone cared!). I'll also take care of the blogroll soon - it's time to show those I read daily how I appreciate their thoughts and pictures (as if some of them needed additional PR from Frau Mayer, a highly non-famous blogger).
Right, my first task is The Kitchen. I've already chosen a fridge and a dishwasher and now it's time to move a bit further. The place is SO tiny I don't even need to be creative. Well, not really.
The kitchen of my dreams. Well, I do have a couple of ideas... My version will be pretty ikea-ish, of course, and as I am not very keen on the black dishwasher/black handles on the picture, I'll go for lighter ones.

I told you. No Smeg = no high electricity bills. Also, I am going for a smooth beige version. Hope it won't stand out too much. Another problem - the sink. The Ikea one which looks like this is a double sink which probably won't really fit (also, what do I need a double sink for?) The single one is not a free-standing variant and has to be integrated into a worktop. Talk about dilemmas.

I'm loving the handles!

Suspect N1 - the double sink! It HAS to be this shape. HOW am I going to fit it into a ktichen 2,80 metres long?

Leaving you with this non-existent riddle, dear non-existent readers.

Sonntag, 2. Mai 2010

My Weekend: Cake and Cupboards

Just wanted to show my non-existent readers a couple of my weekend snapshots. The set I created is called A Sunday in May - well, it's not exactly Sunday, it's Saturday, I just loved the sound of it. Right, let's proceed to the pictures!

Marinage, my most favorite store ever. I keep discovering furniture gems there! I haven't made any pictures of my new chest of drawers yet as we were too busy trying to get it into the car but here are some snapshots I made after completing the mission.


This guy has taken the place of my beautiful Küchenschrank. Guess what? I want it too!


This one keeps changing faces as the store owner is so gifted and re-decorates every now and then.


Just look at all those adorable details!





Butterfly cushion

I wanted to have this one, too. Too late...


The green corner.

A lovely medicine closet.

As I don't really know when I'll happen to go to Hildesheim again I couldn't miss the chance of going to Hofcafe (Domäne Hildesheim). They have the best cake around!


This choice can make anyone suffer! Well, I went for the raspberry version - people seemed to be crazy about it!


My dream, standing in the corner, filled with forks, spoons, candles, tea etc. The cafe owner told me a story about buying these treasures at eBay and paying around 1000 Euros. They were shipped from Bavaria!

I'm in love!

All right, I have to keep orgainzing my temporary workspace. It doesn't look too good here and I keep missing things as most of them are already in the basement of my new flat. I'll leave you with the cakes, don't drool too much :)

Samstag, 1. Mai 2010

New Flat

All right. I have moved. However, there's going to be another great move in the end of the month because our beautiful flat is in need of some freshening up. The floors, the tiles in the kitchen  (I'll show you this horror!), the walls - everything's going to be renovated. Moreover, two extra doors will be removed, leaving the flat with just one entrance (right now it has three!)

Most of the furniture is sold, the rest (plus a million of boxes) is hidden in the basement, waiting for us.

I'll show you a couple of pictures though - luckily, they're really bad so you don't have to get too jealous (yet!)

Some basic information: 120 sq m, 4 rooms, full bath, 2 balconies. Well, yeah. I've never lived in something like that before and every time I enter this place I just feel overwhelmed with happiness.

Let's start!
Living room - it's going to be white, of course. My personal pain: curtains.

My room, facing the garden. It used to be a nursery hence the green walls. I'm thinking light blue... Well, what should I say. It's fantastic.


Look, there's a door to the dining room (have I just written that?)


The balcony (one of).


The horror in the kitchen - a little revenge of the previous tenants whose extremely expensive used curtains we weren't interested in :)

I'll leave you with the pics and be back with a couple of inspiration posts later!