Mittwoch, 5. Mai 2010

Inspiration + Inline skating

It's time to go outside and skate a bit :) However, I've promised myself to update my lovely little bloggy a bit more often (as if anyone cared!). I'll also take care of the blogroll soon - it's time to show those I read daily how I appreciate their thoughts and pictures (as if some of them needed additional PR from Frau Mayer, a highly non-famous blogger).
Right, my first task is The Kitchen. I've already chosen a fridge and a dishwasher and now it's time to move a bit further. The place is SO tiny I don't even need to be creative. Well, not really.
The kitchen of my dreams. Well, I do have a couple of ideas... My version will be pretty ikea-ish, of course, and as I am not very keen on the black dishwasher/black handles on the picture, I'll go for lighter ones.

I told you. No Smeg = no high electricity bills. Also, I am going for a smooth beige version. Hope it won't stand out too much. Another problem - the sink. The Ikea one which looks like this is a double sink which probably won't really fit (also, what do I need a double sink for?) The single one is not a free-standing variant and has to be integrated into a worktop. Talk about dilemmas.

I'm loving the handles!

Suspect N1 - the double sink! It HAS to be this shape. HOW am I going to fit it into a ktichen 2,80 metres long?

Leaving you with this non-existent riddle, dear non-existent readers.


  1. Dear Frau Mayer, hope you will stick with the double sink idea, so practical (but not the farm style, they are definitely too large). Love the door pulls, the design so old and yet so new.

  2. Dear Gina, the wall is 2,80 long :( I'm thinking of a similarly-looking bathroom sink. Will be checking out IKEA this weekend!

  3. Hei;)

    Nice blog, thank you for kitchen inspiration;)

    Have a nice day,
    Hug from Janne

  4. Dear Janne, thank you so much, your blog is fantastic! Love all the whites and always get inspired looking at it.