Sonntag, 2. Mai 2010

My Weekend: Cake and Cupboards

Just wanted to show my non-existent readers a couple of my weekend snapshots. The set I created is called A Sunday in May - well, it's not exactly Sunday, it's Saturday, I just loved the sound of it. Right, let's proceed to the pictures!

Marinage, my most favorite store ever. I keep discovering furniture gems there! I haven't made any pictures of my new chest of drawers yet as we were too busy trying to get it into the car but here are some snapshots I made after completing the mission.


This guy has taken the place of my beautiful Küchenschrank. Guess what? I want it too!


This one keeps changing faces as the store owner is so gifted and re-decorates every now and then.


Just look at all those adorable details!





Butterfly cushion

I wanted to have this one, too. Too late...


The green corner.

A lovely medicine closet.

As I don't really know when I'll happen to go to Hildesheim again I couldn't miss the chance of going to Hofcafe (Domäne Hildesheim). They have the best cake around!


This choice can make anyone suffer! Well, I went for the raspberry version - people seemed to be crazy about it!


My dream, standing in the corner, filled with forks, spoons, candles, tea etc. The cafe owner told me a story about buying these treasures at eBay and paying around 1000 Euros. They were shipped from Bavaria!

I'm in love!

All right, I have to keep orgainzing my temporary workspace. It doesn't look too good here and I keep missing things as most of them are already in the basement of my new flat. I'll leave you with the cakes, don't drool too much :)


  1. Great pic's, love the pieces of furniture, the dessert looks yummy! I've always wanted a set of draws like the one above too!

  2. Thank you! I'm dreaming of it, too - we'll see if I can find it :)

  3. Alina, I've just found out your new blog...and I have to say that I'm already in love.
    what a wonderful medicine closet! this is what I'm looking for at the moment)))

  4. Hi, Elena, good to hear that :) I do sometimes feel alone among my non-existent readers. If you live in Germany, you can certainly get that medicine closet! Greets, Fr. Mayer