Sonntag, 29. Mai 2011

Art Wall Results (for real!)

Let's start this post with a compliment. Sometimes my significant other really is the most patient person in the world. Kind of an angel, actually. For instance, he managed not to kill me yesterday while I was running around the FF, screaming: "I want to have it done!!!!!!!!!! I want it to be over!" in the most unpleasant manner.

He also helped me to turn this
into this
Never mind the empty frame. It's going to disappear as soon as certain someone finally tells me if I can produce my own little city collage - cause I'm dreaming of having one in blues and yellows right there in the middle of my shiny new art wall *wink*

While at it, I also moved some furniture and immediately came up with approximately 235 new ideas for the corner (that will frustrate me for a loong time because I still need to take care of the chaos in the living room). I also did a fair bit of decluttering and intend to indulge in many more hours of this rewarding activity.
The art on my incredibly beautiful, tastefully arranged and professionally hung art wall was kindly provided by Geninne, Eva Juliet, Tali also known as TushTush, Lucille Prache, a vintage mag found at a Bangkok market and the mighty Cavallini.
Loads of love to my signifacant other! I'm honestly surprised somebody actually reads this neglected blog - there'll be a big design overhaul soon to celebrate the fact that I posted twice within a week :)
Stay tuned!
Your Fr. Mayer
UPD There'll be a little city collage up on that wall very soon. Thank you, my dear interior guru!

Samstag, 28. Mai 2011

Art Wall in Progress or How Not to Kill Everyone Around

Good thing I need to go pick up my bike and ride to the hardware store. Otherwise I'd turn into a mass destruction weapon. Have you ever tried to create a nice little art wall? Say, looking like this?

Then you'd better go buy a couple of nerve cells because some of yours are going to die while you arrange those damn things on the floor, cut out templates, put them on the wall only to watch them fall off and look like a complete mess. I'm also not going to talk about the AGES it took me to finally pull these frames  + pictures together.
Anyway, this is what I completed today:
Step 1
Step 2.
Guess what't falling off the wall right now!
Ok, I think that if I really want to see it all done today, I'd better disappear. I blog too much anyways, right?

Samstag, 7. Mai 2011

Guess who says Hi!

No, dear ghost readers, this blog is not dead. Its owner's life, however, has been quite busy! Three weeks in the States, wonderful, full of shopping and new impressions. No time for blogging! I'll write more about my list of must-sees in NYC and around later, promise!

Let's make it short. I went to a flea market (Golden Nugget around Princeton, NJ), I found a crate, I bought it. 

Please, ignore the laundry in the background. My crate and I (as well as the crate intruder) are both saying Hi!

Still yours,
Frau Mayer