Dienstag, 30. März 2010

The visuals...

The lovely Geninne isn't just a wonderful artist - she's the sweetest person ever.
I'm sure non of my non-existent readers remembers these beautiful pictures I purchased from her a while ago. Well, they got lost in the mail. That happens. I was prepared to say goodbye - but Geninne just sent me new ones, charging me no extra cent. Yesterday I finally laid my hands on these beauties.

Now, very soon I'll be needing a whole bunch of frames. I'm actually kind of scared of HOW many frames I'll need because you know what? Look at this!

Well, have I mentioned my dining room? That's where these beautiful prints are going to live!
And.... Keep looking!

Eva is the amazing artist behind these prints. I kind of went crazy and purchased half of the store. I'm so happy I finally can do such things without feeling guilty. Nope, not a single bit! I enjoy being practical, having less than 10 pairs of shoes and driving a Toyota Yaris but purchasing art is NOT a luxury, it's simply a must. I've known that since I purchased a Georgia O'Keefe poster while I was still studying. It cost about 4 euros and  somehow the last picture shown reminds me of its tender colors. I'm never going to part with my O'Keefe posters (I have two now, the iris joined by a lily on grey).

Well, right now I'll disappear in order to get some work done (and to keep looking forward to seeing those prints live). So long, dear non-exis!

New Küchenbüffet + a little store tour

As I still can't make myself tell you more about M...o, I thought I'd share my latest (well, not really as I shopped like mad in M..h) purchase with you! This one is going straight into my dining room. Have I just typed this? I am going to have WHAT? A DINING ROOM? Sound like a joke. Well, whatever, just look what I've found right next to my modest place in the village soon to be left!

The minute I saw this one, I knew it's going to be mine. Luckily, it was for sale - and cheap! I could hardly believe my ears as I heard the price - and immediately got another 20 Euros off. No shipping costs as the piece is standing right next to my apartment and it'll simply be carried into the moving truck.

Right now, this beauty is housing a lovely collection of antique tins and a bunch of beautiful china. Well, it should wait till it meets my beautiful, perfectly mismatched collection!

I was also thinking of taking these guys with me

It's a pity I already have some silverware - really simple, basic ones (17 Euros for a bunch of 40!)
Green Gate keeps following me  - and look at this green little alarm clock! It's the sweetest one :) 
Easter is around! I'm considering this lovely shell box for my future bathroom (it'll be newly tiled! Can you believe that?) 
The lady who owns the store is most talented. She sources antique furniture everywhere in the vicinity, she teaches classes at an evening school where she shows people how to paint furniture and create that 'shabby look', she consults and she's just totally sweet. I planned to quickly look in and stayed for about 30 minutes chatting to her. So eager to help! She says her mission is to promote living with antique, unique pieces and she's much more interested in people being happy at home that in money making. I might be posting more about her later - and this is one of the rare cases where I'm really sad about my readers being so non-existent.
This little shop is so easy to walk by without seeing it - and this is exactly what one shouldn't do!
P.S. I' m not revealing the store name here as I' m rather sure I have no readers who live next to it and it doesn't have an online presence.

Sonntag, 28. März 2010

Fridging around....

Right now Frau Mayer is in bed, with her laptop wide open and some beautiful fridge pictures spread all over the screen.
Fridges? Now? After taking a quick look at my Flickr photostream none of my non-existent readers might have figured out I just came back from somewhere fun... Well, I'll be writing about that country, starting with M and ending with O, very very soon. Just need some daylight and a little effort to shoot my loot (which is absolutely awesome! And yes, I did buy a carpet, hehe).
So the reason I've been looking at fridges is an especially pleasant one. Frau Mayer + Frau Müller are moving back to their favorite city! My apartment has got a new, lovely lady tenant who was kind enough to inherit the colourful walls (I'll be adding some furniture, my old fridge  - which takes us to the topic of this posting - and curtains) and yours non-existently is looking forward to a MASSIVE amount of shopping. Yohoo!

Now, what's bout those fridges? As you can probably guess, I've been salivating over Smegs for a looooooooooooooooooong time.

However, I figured a Smeg wasn't a very smart choice. It's just not energy efficient enough to be bought by Frau Mayer (yes, I drive a very small car, always recycle, go to fleamarkets, the list goes on). After a quick research I found out Gorenje was the place to look for colourful fridges that aren't just pretty. This cremey guy will be living in my kitchen soon. It also costs around 400 which is waaaaay less than a smeggy Smeg. The model pictured here is a Gorenje rk 60359 dc in creme - and soon it will be mine :)

Sonntag, 14. März 2010

Vintage globes and other highs

Good news, dear non-existent readers! Frau Mayer is alive AND she went fleamarketing again.
And this is what The God of the Fleas had in store for her today:
The vintage globe in this picture (made in Denmark in 1980, obviously for Germany as everything on it is in German) says: Why do you dare take pictures of me that don't transfer a 1/10000 of my beauty?
Frau Mayer says: No one's gonna care cause all of them gonna be DAMN jealous!

So, just let it flow, my dear non-existent friends and I won't tell you the beauty cost 9 Euros!
I am SO looking forward to the fleamarketing season! Something's telling me it's gonna be one of the best ones in my entire life!