Dienstag, 30. März 2010

The visuals...

The lovely Geninne isn't just a wonderful artist - she's the sweetest person ever.
I'm sure non of my non-existent readers remembers these beautiful pictures I purchased from her a while ago. Well, they got lost in the mail. That happens. I was prepared to say goodbye - but Geninne just sent me new ones, charging me no extra cent. Yesterday I finally laid my hands on these beauties.

Now, very soon I'll be needing a whole bunch of frames. I'm actually kind of scared of HOW many frames I'll need because you know what? Look at this!

Well, have I mentioned my dining room? That's where these beautiful prints are going to live!
And.... Keep looking!

Eva is the amazing artist behind these prints. I kind of went crazy and purchased half of the store. I'm so happy I finally can do such things without feeling guilty. Nope, not a single bit! I enjoy being practical, having less than 10 pairs of shoes and driving a Toyota Yaris but purchasing art is NOT a luxury, it's simply a must. I've known that since I purchased a Georgia O'Keefe poster while I was still studying. It cost about 4 euros and  somehow the last picture shown reminds me of its tender colors. I'm never going to part with my O'Keefe posters (I have two now, the iris joined by a lily on grey).

Well, right now I'll disappear in order to get some work done (and to keep looking forward to seeing those prints live). So long, dear non-exis!


  1. You are correct, Frau Mayer, art prints are much more important than shoes. I have no more than 10 pairs of shoes at one time and most were purchased on line. Where else can you buy $400 Ferragamo shoes for under $20.

  2. I agree with you on "buying art is a must". It makes me happy!

  3. Dear Gina, where the hell do you find such great Schnäppchen and what are Ferragamo shoes? Good to have a soulmate here, in my cosy lil blog :)

  4. Owl Barn, I guess, no one really wants to live with naked walls - but I sometimes find little understanding for my passion.