Sonntag, 28. März 2010

Fridging around....

Right now Frau Mayer is in bed, with her laptop wide open and some beautiful fridge pictures spread all over the screen.
Fridges? Now? After taking a quick look at my Flickr photostream none of my non-existent readers might have figured out I just came back from somewhere fun... Well, I'll be writing about that country, starting with M and ending with O, very very soon. Just need some daylight and a little effort to shoot my loot (which is absolutely awesome! And yes, I did buy a carpet, hehe).
So the reason I've been looking at fridges is an especially pleasant one. Frau Mayer + Frau Müller are moving back to their favorite city! My apartment has got a new, lovely lady tenant who was kind enough to inherit the colourful walls (I'll be adding some furniture, my old fridge  - which takes us to the topic of this posting - and curtains) and yours non-existently is looking forward to a MASSIVE amount of shopping. Yohoo!

Now, what's bout those fridges? As you can probably guess, I've been salivating over Smegs for a looooooooooooooooooong time.

However, I figured a Smeg wasn't a very smart choice. It's just not energy efficient enough to be bought by Frau Mayer (yes, I drive a very small car, always recycle, go to fleamarkets, the list goes on). After a quick research I found out Gorenje was the place to look for colourful fridges that aren't just pretty. This cremey guy will be living in my kitchen soon. It also costs around 400 which is waaaaay less than a smeggy Smeg. The model pictured here is a Gorenje rk 60359 dc in creme - and soon it will be mine :)


  1. So, Frau Mayer, you have been to M......O. Can't wait to hear about it. Going there in September. Did you go to M......h?

  2. Dearest Gina, I sure did that :) I also went to F...s which is kind of nice, too.
    The place is kind of.... mmmhhh... hard to say, interesting but disappointing. More on that later!