Montag, 26. April 2010


Basteln = arts n crafts, dear non-exis.
This is what I did today. The flat's dirty like hell, there's stuff and half-packed boxes everywhere - and in the middle of it all Frau Mayer was compensating what she's been missing so much.

I made a bunch of cards and some bookmarks. I also attempted a secret project for my friend's newborn but wasn't too pleased so there'll be no picture. Not yet cause I'm not giving up!

So what do you need to create something like this?
A bunch of paint chips (I have a stunning collection and always want MORE - there's no better and cheaper material than paint chips. To be honest, they're free!), a Martha Stewart craft punch, scissors and some glue + really lovely scrapbooking paper. 

That's pretty much it - and this is what came out! I played around with colors and patterns. Frau Müller the cat was bothering me ALL the time, trying to steal things, play with ribbon etc. There was a lot of displeased meowing :)

Montag, 19. April 2010


All right, my dear non-exis. Frau Mayer is done. A very long, very painful, very tiresome phase of her life is over.
Now I'm looking forward to loads of decluttering, my move to the city I love, loads of planning, decorating and enjoying life.
I'm feeling so powerless I've spent the day in bed. Finally, I have some time to show none of you my Morocco pics.

Here we go!
Our riad in Marrakech. It's a really good one. If you speak French, hehe. Otherwise, it's just a good place where you can't talk to anyone. Which is OK, too cause I had someone to talk/cuddle with me.


All Moroccan riads have this lovely pool in the middle which never gets used. It does look good in pictures, though.

Let's keep talking about out riad. It had this absolutely amazingly decorated bathroom which I just wanted to rip out and take with me. I had to stick to pictures, though and I'm trying to comfort myself saying I'd get tired of all those colours in a couple of weeks. Hail simple white bathrooms, bla bla.


Breakfast at the patio. Blue-white dishes. Sun. Palm trees. Well...

This is Achmed carrying our breakfast. It's nice to be a capitalist from time to time.
This is going to be a little teaser for the next post where I'm going to tell you why I didn't like Morocco too much, what tips might come in handy when shopping in medinas, what to bring with you, what to watch out for and why the hell I wasn't allowed to buy a sink (I did buy a carpet and use it to fly home, he he he)

Donnerstag, 1. April 2010

Wallpaper decisions

Dear non-exis, never mind this post. I'm a bit insomniac and have nothing better to do than choosing wallpaper. I'm planning a huge closet with sliding doors. Huge means 3,80 m huge.
My guess is: neutral, duck egg to grey combined with white, calm, bigger pattern.
Let's check out Tapetenagentur!

I guess, this is my all-time-favorite.

Might purchase the first one for smaller projects, though.
All images - Tapetenagentur.