Montag, 26. April 2010


Basteln = arts n crafts, dear non-exis.
This is what I did today. The flat's dirty like hell, there's stuff and half-packed boxes everywhere - and in the middle of it all Frau Mayer was compensating what she's been missing so much.

I made a bunch of cards and some bookmarks. I also attempted a secret project for my friend's newborn but wasn't too pleased so there'll be no picture. Not yet cause I'm not giving up!

So what do you need to create something like this?
A bunch of paint chips (I have a stunning collection and always want MORE - there's no better and cheaper material than paint chips. To be honest, they're free!), a Martha Stewart craft punch, scissors and some glue + really lovely scrapbooking paper. 

That's pretty much it - and this is what came out! I played around with colors and patterns. Frau Müller the cat was bothering me ALL the time, trying to steal things, play with ribbon etc. There was a lot of displeased meowing :)


  1. Dear Frau Mayer, you are so clever. Love the cards and bookmarks.

  2. They are adorable!!!esp. bookmarks)