Samstag, 1. Mai 2010

New Flat

All right. I have moved. However, there's going to be another great move in the end of the month because our beautiful flat is in need of some freshening up. The floors, the tiles in the kitchen  (I'll show you this horror!), the walls - everything's going to be renovated. Moreover, two extra doors will be removed, leaving the flat with just one entrance (right now it has three!)

Most of the furniture is sold, the rest (plus a million of boxes) is hidden in the basement, waiting for us.

I'll show you a couple of pictures though - luckily, they're really bad so you don't have to get too jealous (yet!)

Some basic information: 120 sq m, 4 rooms, full bath, 2 balconies. Well, yeah. I've never lived in something like that before and every time I enter this place I just feel overwhelmed with happiness.

Let's start!
Living room - it's going to be white, of course. My personal pain: curtains.

My room, facing the garden. It used to be a nursery hence the green walls. I'm thinking light blue... Well, what should I say. It's fantastic.


Look, there's a door to the dining room (have I just written that?)


The balcony (one of).


The horror in the kitchen - a little revenge of the previous tenants whose extremely expensive used curtains we weren't interested in :)

I'll leave you with the pics and be back with a couple of inspiration posts later!


  1. Congratulations, Frau Mayer. Your Flat looks fabulous. I love the large windows and those stone balconies are to die for. I have them going all the way around my house.
    For some reason I think that you would like John Saladino's colors. Are you familiar with his design work?

  2. Dear Gina, thank you! I'm off to check out this Saladino guy :)

  3. Liebe Alina,
    herzlichen Glückwunsch zu dieser Traumwohnung. Ich freue mich für dich und bin schon so gespannt auf die Veränderungen. Du zeigst sie und doch, oder?
    Der Boden ist so toll! Ich vermeide es gerade auf unseren zu schauen ;).

    Liebe Grüße und eine schöne Woche, Nadine

  4. Liebe Nadine, selbstverständlich! Kann mein Glück selbst kaum fassen. Nun ja, ich musste genug leiden - jetzt wird einfach nur schön gewohnt!
    Der Boden+die Wände werden neu gemacht - und wir müssen noch 20 Tage warten bis wir endlich reindürfen. Ich werde natürlich sehr detailliert berichten!
    Many hugs,

  5. Hi Frau Mayer - I am just adoring the floors and high ceilings of this flat. What a beautiful space....I can understand why you are excited!

  6. Thank you, Anna! Stay tuned for more :) I'm itching to finally MOVE!