Freitag, 18. Juni 2010

Cupboard and me

I've just spent three hours sanding and painting the cupboard - and only managed to finish the first layer on the upper half. Well, if I keep working like this, I'll be done by the beginning of the holidays. This glorious day is so close  - next Wednesday! Freedom, freedom, freedom - six weeks of being creative, traveling, taking care of the fantastic flat, finally reading all the books I've wanted to read for so long etc.

What's slowly becoming clear is that I'll need a long time to make this flat look the way I want.
Another thing I've realized: It's all even more fun than I had thought! Things are slowly coming together and it's a feeling you can't really describe - I just keep walking around and asking myself if it's true, if this is really the flat I'm living in. We're surrounded by a bunch of really wealthy people, driving their oldtimer convertibles for a walk on Sundays - but so far it's been rather nice.

Well, I'm off for a couple of rounds around the park - as I've got no posh convertible, I'll be taking my inline skates :) 

Donnerstag, 17. Juni 2010

Massive Mushroom Attack

Remember my mushroom musings?
Well, I've discovered a wonderful source! Finally!
My friend Veronica, a madly gifted girl, has recently started making them. I'm already going to order a whole bunch for my X-mas tree. Can you believe it? Real mushroomy mushrooms! Yohoo!
Here's a little mushy-mushy sample

Dienstag, 15. Juni 2010

The chaos is blue

My countdown number: 6. My mood: better. My kitchen cupboard: partly blue.

I'll be posting shocking pictures today. The flat's been cleaned but the relatively clean condition didn't last too long. My painting equipment and all kinds of instruments are everywhere.

Here's the proof. I guess some people would never dare to post such non-photoshopped ugliness - but Frau Mayer is a really brave woman. Check it out!

So far I'm love how it's turning out. Will probably need 10000 more hours to finish it - the blackanddeckering process is very time-consuming.
kitchen cupboard - side view
Front view
my first serious paint job - started!
Here's another side of the dining room with the table I purchased at the local Depot store for under 150 Euros (they were getting rid of the furniture and I guess they still are)
the new table + a million of boxes

May I introduce? The smallest kitchen in the world. I totally love how it turned out - and there's more to come. I'm going to have a long open shelf installed above the entire worktop (it's 2,65 m long! Imagine me trying to fit this thing into my tiny car).
kitchen - midway to perfection
The stove is supposed to be white - according to IKEA - but it's actually more on the creamy side and it fits the fridge so perfectly I could cry :) I know, it sounds a bit matchy-matchy but there'll be a light blue shelf and a bunch of yellow and blue accents!
our new stove

Found that guy at the flea market a couple of weeks ago for 20 Euros. It looks like an owner of a Shabby Roses of France or Sweet Patina Chic blog would kill for it, lol :) I'm replacing the knobs and letting him reside by my bed :) Need I say I spent about an hour in a bath tub, trying to get rid of all the dirt + spider webs + don't really wanna know what.

My beloved mirror (another 20 Euros at eBay) and a yet-to-be-unpacked-and-presented chandelier. Haven't decided where it's going yet, might have something to do with another bunch of auctions I'm constantly watching.

the tea box  - a coffee table to be
Remember the good old tea box? Still looking for a set of wheels + a partner for it. Don't be shocked seeing the sofa in the background, it'll be kicked out the second our new one enters the place. See the floor? It's really hard to believe I'm actually living together with these floors. I'm feeling like I'll have to get a big cowhide for them....
chaos and Frau Müller
Here Frau Müller the Cat is inspecting a part of my bed. She's so tiny in this enormous flat, my poor thing!
Well, the sun is shinig outside and I'm going on a big Pax hunt  - wish me luck, dear non-exis!

Sonntag, 13. Juni 2010

Breaking the rules again.

I admit it. I haven't blogged/posted any pics for a while although I'd promised to do so. I'm not feeling too guilty, though, cause my current fan club consists of non-existent persons only.

It's been a very stressful time and I'm longing for the holidays. Do you want to know what's worse than not having a huge, gorgeous flat to live in? To actually live in a huge, gorgeous flat  - and not being able to take care of it. Commuting to work takes me 25 minutes. I sometimes have to be there at 7 30. I'm  never home before 2 p.m and when I am, I have to lie down and regenerate.

Somehow I managed to cover the kitchen worktop in transparent varnish (it was a torture as I made a pretty stupid mistake in the beginning and had to remove a part of it. Brrr!) and one sunny day our fridge got delivered. After a rather long fight, we could install it (the door had to be hung on the left side - there's simply NO space) and  - well, it's currently filled with the leftover party drinks. Well, I started painted the long shelf - it's gonna be finished by Wednesday - needs to be turned twice) - and maybe another lovely day will face us actually cooking in that kitchen. Need I mention some of the tile paint came of when I removed masking tape? Grrr.

As for the housewarming party which happened here yesterday - it was lovely to see good old and new friends and rather sad to see some of the 'friends' don't even care to type a `sorry I can't make it`.

Our basement looks like a massive landfill but the flat's much better now - the party gave us a bit of motivation to finally clean (actually, rather to push boxes into corners). 10 more days and I'll be investing ALL my energy into this place. Can't wait, honestly.   

Sonntag, 6. Juni 2010

Totally against the rules (a post with NO PIC!)

Why, you'd ask, have I been so silent? Well, I was busy-busy-busy commuting to my new workplace and back, being all excited about my new job, preparing to move, buying furniture, desperately trying to have everything delivered before we move in etc.

Well, some of these things worked out just fine, some didn't.

Here are the facts - no pics, just the naked truth :)

1. We're in! All of us  - and that includes Frau Müller The Cat who's running around like crazy - she's never been in a place that big!

2. 120 square meters! I need like an hour to get from the bedroom to the bathroom!

3. The floors are FANTASTIC! Unfortunately, they're very sensitive, too.

4. The kitchen is IN! It's a very simple IKEA one - although I decided to invest a bit into good appliances. Will show it as soon as it dries (had to take care of the worktops).

5. We've still got no fridge! It'll hopefully arrive during the week. Can't see Chinese and Lebanese food any longer.  

6. Happy happy happy, can't wait for the holidays to begin so I can invest all my energy in the place.

7. We're having a housewarming party on Saturday. You're all welcome!