Sonntag, 6. Juni 2010

Totally against the rules (a post with NO PIC!)

Why, you'd ask, have I been so silent? Well, I was busy-busy-busy commuting to my new workplace and back, being all excited about my new job, preparing to move, buying furniture, desperately trying to have everything delivered before we move in etc.

Well, some of these things worked out just fine, some didn't.

Here are the facts - no pics, just the naked truth :)

1. We're in! All of us  - and that includes Frau Müller The Cat who's running around like crazy - she's never been in a place that big!

2. 120 square meters! I need like an hour to get from the bedroom to the bathroom!

3. The floors are FANTASTIC! Unfortunately, they're very sensitive, too.

4. The kitchen is IN! It's a very simple IKEA one - although I decided to invest a bit into good appliances. Will show it as soon as it dries (had to take care of the worktops).

5. We've still got no fridge! It'll hopefully arrive during the week. Can't see Chinese and Lebanese food any longer.  

6. Happy happy happy, can't wait for the holidays to begin so I can invest all my energy in the place.

7. We're having a housewarming party on Saturday. You're all welcome! 


  1. вот Алинхен удивицца, если ца-ца приедет на новоселье )))

  2. Dear Mlina, I wouldn't be too shocked :)

  3. i hope you'll soon have pictures :-)

  4. He he he, I hope so, too. Actually I ve even found my camera in one of the countless boxes...