Freitag, 18. Juni 2010

Cupboard and me

I've just spent three hours sanding and painting the cupboard - and only managed to finish the first layer on the upper half. Well, if I keep working like this, I'll be done by the beginning of the holidays. This glorious day is so close  - next Wednesday! Freedom, freedom, freedom - six weeks of being creative, traveling, taking care of the fantastic flat, finally reading all the books I've wanted to read for so long etc.

What's slowly becoming clear is that I'll need a long time to make this flat look the way I want.
Another thing I've realized: It's all even more fun than I had thought! Things are slowly coming together and it's a feeling you can't really describe - I just keep walking around and asking myself if it's true, if this is really the flat I'm living in. We're surrounded by a bunch of really wealthy people, driving their oldtimer convertibles for a walk on Sundays - but so far it's been rather nice.

Well, I'm off for a couple of rounds around the park - as I've got no posh convertible, I'll be taking my inline skates :) 

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