Dienstag, 15. Juni 2010

The chaos is blue

My countdown number: 6. My mood: better. My kitchen cupboard: partly blue.

I'll be posting shocking pictures today. The flat's been cleaned but the relatively clean condition didn't last too long. My painting equipment and all kinds of instruments are everywhere.

Here's the proof. I guess some people would never dare to post such non-photoshopped ugliness - but Frau Mayer is a really brave woman. Check it out!

So far I'm love how it's turning out. Will probably need 10000 more hours to finish it - the blackanddeckering process is very time-consuming.
kitchen cupboard - side view
Front view
my first serious paint job - started!
Here's another side of the dining room with the table I purchased at the local Depot store for under 150 Euros (they were getting rid of the furniture and I guess they still are)
the new table + a million of boxes

May I introduce? The smallest kitchen in the world. I totally love how it turned out - and there's more to come. I'm going to have a long open shelf installed above the entire worktop (it's 2,65 m long! Imagine me trying to fit this thing into my tiny car).
kitchen - midway to perfection
The stove is supposed to be white - according to IKEA - but it's actually more on the creamy side and it fits the fridge so perfectly I could cry :) I know, it sounds a bit matchy-matchy but there'll be a light blue shelf and a bunch of yellow and blue accents!
our new stove

Found that guy at the flea market a couple of weeks ago for 20 Euros. It looks like an owner of a Shabby Roses of France or Sweet Patina Chic blog would kill for it, lol :) I'm replacing the knobs and letting him reside by my bed :) Need I say I spent about an hour in a bath tub, trying to get rid of all the dirt + spider webs + don't really wanna know what.

My beloved mirror (another 20 Euros at eBay) and a yet-to-be-unpacked-and-presented chandelier. Haven't decided where it's going yet, might have something to do with another bunch of auctions I'm constantly watching.

the tea box  - a coffee table to be
Remember the good old tea box? Still looking for a set of wheels + a partner for it. Don't be shocked seeing the sofa in the background, it'll be kicked out the second our new one enters the place. See the floor? It's really hard to believe I'm actually living together with these floors. I'm feeling like I'll have to get a big cowhide for them....
chaos and Frau Müller
Here Frau Müller the Cat is inspecting a part of my bed. She's so tiny in this enormous flat, my poor thing!
Well, the sun is shinig outside and I'm going on a big Pax hunt  - wish me luck, dear non-exis!


  1. Dear Frau Mayer, I see a lot of beautiful items, here and there, the floors are fabulous and the mirror is divine, probably the chandelier, as well.

    I have only moved a few times but I always put together a room replete with flowers and accessories, even though I have to take it all apart again. It gives you a spot to clebrate even the smallest accomplishments.

  2. Thank you, dear Gina, my most faithful and lovely (and existent!) reader! I'd love to know what items you liked, got to trust your taste! Many hugs, Alina

  3. Ahhhh, Singapur!!! OK, du fliegst also nicht selbst, was die Sache ein wenig schwierig macht, denn Mitbringsel von dort fallen mir kaum ein.

    Meine singapurische Freundin hat mir schon mal Kaya mitgebracht (www.yakun.com). Ist ein Brotaufstrich aus Eiern und Kokosnuss, den man auf Toast mit Butter isst. Mag allerdings nicht jeder.

    Außerdem bringt sie manchmal Fouram Cookies von www.bengawansolo.com.sg/Default.aspx mit. Sehr süß aber sehr lecker.

    Ich habe mir dort mal einen tollen Pashminaschal gekauft. Ist nicht typisch singapurisch aber wesentlich billiger als hier. War im Holland Village, wo es auch typisch asiatische Mitbringsel gibt.

    Ach ja, dann habe ich noch einen Seidensari aus dem größten indischen Kaufhaus dort. Mehr Tipps habe ich leider nicht :(.

    Nun zu deiner Luxuswohnung: Die Dielen, die Fußleisten, das Spülbecken, der Schrank, das Nachttischchen... alles ist einfach toll! Außerdem sind in deiner süßen Küche schon Wasserkocher und Tee vorhanden - Prioritäten sind wichtig :).

    Liebe Grüße, Nadine

  4. Dear Frau Mayer, Here goes, the table, the mirror, the floors, the windows, the balustrates, the tea box, the nightstand and the balconies and the many trees out of your windows.


  5. Liebe Nadine, danke für all die wunderbaren Tips!
    Mal sehen, ob Herr Freund es schafft, etwas zu finden, was meinem Geschmack entspricht (Dein Mann schafft es immerhin jedes Mal!)
    Meine Küche ist bereits tee- und kaffeefähig, das stimmt, das Wichtigste klappt bereits ;)

  6. Dear Gina, I'm glad you can see the potential beauty in this place - your opinion means a lot to me! I'll be posting more pics soon, for sure!

  7. very nice pictures. i am motivated to go home do something for my flat now! loved your blog and thought i should drop down a note to show you have existing readers. cheers

  8. Thank you so much, flim-flam, it really means a lot to me to have someone here who lets me know my posts are appreciated :) Please drop by again, there'll be less chaos and more inspiration here soon!