Sonntag, 13. Juni 2010

Breaking the rules again.

I admit it. I haven't blogged/posted any pics for a while although I'd promised to do so. I'm not feeling too guilty, though, cause my current fan club consists of non-existent persons only.

It's been a very stressful time and I'm longing for the holidays. Do you want to know what's worse than not having a huge, gorgeous flat to live in? To actually live in a huge, gorgeous flat  - and not being able to take care of it. Commuting to work takes me 25 minutes. I sometimes have to be there at 7 30. I'm  never home before 2 p.m and when I am, I have to lie down and regenerate.

Somehow I managed to cover the kitchen worktop in transparent varnish (it was a torture as I made a pretty stupid mistake in the beginning and had to remove a part of it. Brrr!) and one sunny day our fridge got delivered. After a rather long fight, we could install it (the door had to be hung on the left side - there's simply NO space) and  - well, it's currently filled with the leftover party drinks. Well, I started painted the long shelf - it's gonna be finished by Wednesday - needs to be turned twice) - and maybe another lovely day will face us actually cooking in that kitchen. Need I mention some of the tile paint came of when I removed masking tape? Grrr.

As for the housewarming party which happened here yesterday - it was lovely to see good old and new friends and rather sad to see some of the 'friends' don't even care to type a `sorry I can't make it`.

Our basement looks like a massive landfill but the flat's much better now - the party gave us a bit of motivation to finally clean (actually, rather to push boxes into corners). 10 more days and I'll be investing ALL my energy into this place. Can't wait, honestly.   


  1. Dear Frau Meyer, Your spirits seem low. I'm sorry to hear that. You can hang in there for another 10 days, I know you can.

  2. Dear Gina, thanks for your support. Of course I can, I'm trying hard and the weekend is getting closer and closer! As you can see, I've even managed to post a little report on the painting progress. Wish everything could work out a bit faster!