Samstag, 3. Juli 2010

Progress report

It's been a while. Too hot to work, to be honest. Well, there's still something I'd love to show you, my dear non-existent readers.
Where shall we start?
Blue + blue
What have we here? It's definitely blue...
Door knobs
But what can it be?
A close up of my new blue cupboard
Oh! What soft lines... and more blue!
Cupboard - almost done!
Oh yes! It's a cupboard!
Cupboard - ALMOST done
It took me several weeks and many many hours of work to get this far. As you can see, there's still a couple of things to do - but I am already totally happy with the results. I've wallpapered the back wall and also the insides - more close ups to come!
Coolest deal ever
More news from the dining room - my latest supermegaüberdeal from eBay. I paid an exact amount of 33 euros for 4 of these beautiful chairs. They're to become white, of course - and I'd love some advice on new fabric.
Dining room - filling the nice
What was in the background again? My new shelves in the niche!

Well, there are more blue pics coming soon - let me know what you think, dear non-exis! Meanwhile, I'm gonna mix a mojito or  two...


  1. OMG, ist der toll! Ein Knaller! Ich hätte mich ja niemals getraut ihn blau zu streichen, doch er sieht wirklich wunderschön aus. Ein großes Kompliment an dich.

    Die Pip-Schale passt super zu deinem neuen Schmuckstück. Ich hätte mir auch beinahe eine Schale in beige mit Vögelchen gekauft, doch dann habe ich gesehen, dass man sie nicht in die Spülmaschine stellen darf und daraufhin ist meine Verliebtheit stark abgekühlt ;). Ich habe jetzt trotzdem neue Bowls. Mein Mann war letzte Woche in London und ich habe ihn zu Anthropologie geschickt :).

    Die Schnäppchen-Stühle sehen in weiß bestimmt ganz toll aus. Leider kann ich dir keine Tipps zum Thema Stoff geben. Damit kenne ich mich wirklich null aus.

    Trink einen Mojito für mich mit, ja? Auf dein Wohl, liebe Alina!

    Liebste Grüße, Nadine

  2. Dear Frau Mayer, Your cupboard looks great. Now you need to mess it up a bit.
    As far as fabric for your new (old) white chairs is concerned, I would like to see a blue/grey and white toile.
    The back wall of the niche, a dark blue, or dark green to show off its content. See, that was easy.

  3. Liebe Nadine, die PIP-Schälchen DARF man in die Spülmaschine stellen. Das tue ich dauernd - und wenn Du mir nicht glaubst - lies doch was auf den Schälchen selbst steht ;)
    Ach, deine Komplimente sind wie Honig für die Ohren der Frau Mayer (und der Cat natürlich sowieso!)
    Die Stühle sind bald dran, erst muss ich das sensationelle Chaos im Esszimmer bewältigen und alles fein säuberlich in Ikea-Behälter stecken :)
    Liebe Grüße von Fr. Mayer

  4. Dear Gina, thanks for your ideas :)
    Unfortunately, I am a total toile hater who has decided to paint as little as possible in this flat. Will be fighting the green in my room today, too :(
    I'll be using blue for the chairs, though - with a possibility of 100 % :)
    Hugs from Fr.Mayer - and your tips are always welcome here, sorry to disappoint you this time.

  5. Oh my this is so great, I love the blue cabinet and cannot wait to see the back and what you fill the cabinet with. You did a great job. I also love the chairs, are you going to paint them? And for fabric, have you tried Designers Guild? They have some gorgeous prints!

  6. Hey, Holly, nice to have you here again :)
    I've already got some cheapo IKEA fabric for the chairs and we're almost finished with the painting process. Those backs were a real pain you know where - impossible to paint!
    I'll check out Designers Guild, are they available in Germany?

  7. How about some oilcloth from Cath Kidston? Those are great for chair seats -- you can wipe them down and the colors/patterns would really match your cabinet, style of chairs, etc. Here you go:

  8. Mmmh, oilcloth... I've looked at CK once and found her too sweet, to be honest. I don't really like the fact my flat starts looking too sweet, too shabby, too anything.
    If you look at the last post, you'll see the 'chair result'
    thanks for your hints, they're always appreciated!