Samstag, 14. August 2010

I'm back!

Yohoo, the Queen of Blogging Ignorance previously known as Frau Mayer is back!
What have I been up to? A short trip to Denmark+Sweden, of course.
Here's the proof.

Obviously, there are loads of boats in Copenhagen. 
Probably the nicest place in C
They make the place somehow cosier, me thinks.

Free bikes
We did something illegal with these bikes - but I'm not telling you what :) Nothing too bad, though, s don't worry!
Copenhagen from high above
A lovely girl I know from livejournal (yeah, I do have another blog in another language, very enigmatic) showed us Copenhagen from the roof of her office. Stunning!
The view of Copenhagen
It's never going to beat Germany (I'm such a patriot!) but it's still rather beautiful...

In the middle of nowhere
After having drunk a shocking amount of Swedish cider (yummy!) in the company of Irina (loads of insider information: car taxes, taxes, more taxes, salaries, real estate, taxes again, typical Danes, terrible German language, shockingly boring Danish countryside etc. - nothing beats meeting an insider!) we went to the place of its origin and stayed in the middle of a wheat field not too far from Malmö. Well, whoever decided that Malmö is beautiful should go to Germany and take a look around.
I can't say more about Sweden because we had to leave early and didn't really see much of it. A couple of exotic countries are on my current "to travel to" list and I'm totally looking forward to some time with my best friend living SO close to an Antrhoplogie store... I'm also going to pick a year's worth of Living etc
Coming soon on this blog are some teaser shots from the apartment. It's been a while...

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