Samstag, 14. August 2010

Do you remember?

Do you recognize this piece of furniture? I invested several days of my life into making it blue and perfect - and now it's a blue dream came true. Everything's labeled, placed in themed boxes etc. Heaven!
Cupboard: the insides II
Here's the left part of the cupboard which I like.
Cupboard: the insides
And the right one I'm not sure about. Please let me what you think (although I know none of you exists).

Wallpaper revisited
More impressions from my dining room. If you remember this picture, you'll certainly like this one! The blue picture has finally joined the party. Still have two more wallpaper scraps, lalala!

Please allow me repeat myself. A before picture.
A new chair - all finished!
And an after. It took me SO much time to finish all four of the chairs and the truth is that they're actually still not completely finished.

I have to reveal something. I have a tin fetish. Here's the proof. Watch out for more tins coming soon!
My biggest investment

Let's have a little sneak peek into my room. Got this beauty while passing a pharmacy. Saw an "everything for sale" sign. Stopped. Went in. Fell in love. Bargained. Bought. It's perfect for storing all my school stuff + there's place for crafty stuff, too.
The pictures are waiting to become a part of an art wall. The cubby shelf used to host CDs. I painted it white and haven't put too much effort into filling the cubbies yet. Recycling is everything.

Also, as a little extra to this quick update, I really need to vent some fury. You see, I love reading Neon. It's my favorite German mag. It's witty and seem to reflect on my lifestyle perfectly. But today they just went too far. "Especially the creative people seem to be shockingly similar when it comes to decorating. Mix old and new. Put a designer chair in front of an antique cupboard. Place an Apple computer in your flat."
I really wonder what their problem is. Is one supposed to live Ikea-only? Designer-only? Domäne (HATE!) only? Personally I think that old furniture brings life into flats. So does new when chosen right. I also do not think that my apartment looks like a typical shabby chic one. It does look like a mix of old new though. You know why? Because it IS a mix of old and new and it's SO not like any given flat of a "typical creative person". Grrr! Let me know what you think even if you don't exist. See you soon!

Bonus: Frau Müller saying Hi from the new sofa.
V. Müller doesn't like to be bothered!


  1. what a lovely shelf! I especially like the letters ALINA and the letter A.
    What is that blue thing in the right upper corner of it? is it a candleholder?

  2. I adore your craftsmanship. It's inspiring.

  3. Hi dear Splitch and thanks for dropping by! This thing is actually a candleholder, yes, I bought it bout 8 years ago in NYC - it has a happiness hieorglyph on it. The shelf is actually not styled at all, I just threw random bits and pieces in there without spending a second on planning it. I will, however, put some more effort in this shelf, it's my personal favorite.
    Thank you, oonabond, would love to see the results of that inspiration ;) Your place of living is actually ideal for being constantly inspired!

  4. Liebe Frau Meyer,
    (ich schreibe jetzt mal auf deutsch, weil ichs Quatsch finden würde das hier zu übersetzen...)
    Über Flickr hab ich zu Ihrem Blog gefunden - und bin sehr erfreut über die Bilder! Ich lebe ähnlich wie du: Auch in unserer Bude steht (genug!) Ik.ea, gemixt mit alten Flohmarkt-, Sperrmüll- und Erbstückfunden. Ich pinsel sie ebenfalls gerne um, auch wenn ich zugeben muss, dass meine Stühle nicht annähernd so gut hübsch werden wie dein blaues Buffet (große Liebe!!!).
    Ich lese zwar auch die Ne.on, habe aber wohl den Artikel verpasst und frage mich nun, ob der gar von einem großen, möglicherweise gelb-blauen Möbelkonsern gesponsort wurde?!?
    Und wenn schon: In unserem Zuhause sollen schießlich wir uns wohl fühlen- deshalb bleibt alles so wies ist!!!
    Liebe Grüße aus Köln,

  5. Liebe Raphaela,
    danke! Es freut mich, dass Dir meine Bilder - und mein blaues Buffet :) - gefallen. Das Buffet war übrigens eine absolute Lackierprobe. Ich hab mir bei eBay ein Schleifgerät gekauft, dann nen Liter Lack im Baumarkt und legte dann einfach munter los. Oh, hat es gedauert! Das Ding ist übrigens von innen tapeziert. Müsste ich mal mehr Bilder machen...
    Neon gibt ja an, eine unabhängige Zeitschrift zu sein. Deswegen ist I...A-Einfluss eher unwahrscheinlich - außerdem haben sie auch nen auf den Deckel bekommen vom Herrn Supermegastylekritiker. Ich glaube das war die August-Ausgabe, den Artikel sollte ich mal scannen und hier veröffentlichen. Hat mich wirklich wütend gemacht!
    Würde sehr gerne Dein Zuhause sehen - der Bloglink scheint aber nicht zu funktionieren.
    Loads of Grüße aus der H-Stadt,
    Frau Mayer