Donnerstag, 13. Mai 2010

More kitchen inspiration + money talk

Here it is, another almost perfect kitchen. discovered at Emmas Designblogg
The sink + the blue chair are talking to me in a loud, clear voice. Meanwhile, I've purchased the fridge - only to discover it's sold out and will be available again on the 19th of May which will leave us with 10 days to have it delivered in time.
The kitchen's completely planned, I've just purchased door knobs at eBay (apothecary ones, what else?!) - and we're awaiting a reply from an installation team. IKEA does offer installation help for 239 Euros (4 hours) but with all the things that need to be connected (dishwasher etc.) and shipping it'll surely add up.

IKEA's got several special offers right now - for instance, all Faktum Abstract door fronts are 1/4 cheaper. They've also go that 0,0 % finance offer (with a fee of 39 Euros :(
I guess, I'll be going for both as the total cost is quickly approaching the 2000 Euros mark.

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