Sonntag, 14. März 2010

Vintage globes and other highs

Good news, dear non-existent readers! Frau Mayer is alive AND she went fleamarketing again.
And this is what The God of the Fleas had in store for her today:
The vintage globe in this picture (made in Denmark in 1980, obviously for Germany as everything on it is in German) says: Why do you dare take pictures of me that don't transfer a 1/10000 of my beauty?
Frau Mayer says: No one's gonna care cause all of them gonna be DAMN jealous!

So, just let it flow, my dear non-existent friends and I won't tell you the beauty cost 9 Euros!
I am SO looking forward to the fleamarketing season! Something's telling me it's gonna be one of the best ones in my entire life!



  1. Dear Fray Mayer, welcome back. You are like my little snowdrops, hiding under the snow, waiting for the sun to come out.

  2. Hey, Gina!
    Nah, I was kinda busy with my exams and LOADS of important stuff that needed to be take care of so I was kinda passive.
    It will change really really really soon!
    I promise :)
    Your spring flower,
    Frau Mayer