Donnerstag, 7. Januar 2010

Shopping therapy

Well, it's been a back to work day. I've been fighting a lot, predominately with my lazy self. The holidays were all about sleeping in, lying around and eating, eating, eating...

So what can help a very demotivated Miss Mayer (not the cat, she's perfectly OK and going shoelace-crazy for the 1000th time today) out of this mood? Shopping! Right you are!

First of all, a bit of boasting: I got myself a beautiful Acer Aspire laptop and a new GPS for Christmas. Both were absolutely necessary purchases. Both make me happy (my not-so-old netbook was a nightmare - never buy a Samsung NC20 - and my GPS was way older than my car which says a lot!).

And guess what I got myself today? Pure, pure beauty!!!

These are SO going into my future study! (One of the things I'm anticipating most of all, after, of course, cancelling the rent for my current apartment as I seriously can't stand the landlord, is creating an art wall. All the shells, mushrooms, little birdies in one place, what a delight!) The artist behind them, the most wonderful Gennine creates pure magic. 

Mmmh, I'm so looking forward to these flying in!


  1. Dear Frau Mayer, Fliegenpilze, what wonderful childhood memories they bring. Thank You.


  2. Fliegenpilze rule! I'm going crazy bout mushrooms of all kinds - more to come. And thanks for visiting!