Dienstag, 26. Januar 2010

Freedom is so near or Happy Cats

Today is a very special day for Frau Mayer ( not for the cat, though, cause it's REALLY cold outside so she can't use her bed on the window sill any more and is currently using my duvet)  - although not everything went quite as she wanted it to be, from today on she is going to finally finally finally have more time for herself. Just like these happy cats created by the most talented Dasha a girl I'd never met but known online for ages.

I've made a long list of things that need to be done and totally loved it! I'll start with cleaning, making doctor's appointments and sorting things out and slowly but surely I'll get to:

1. Selling all the things I don't need any more. Yes, including that cross trainer. And the mags.
2. Going through my huge mag collection and deciding what stays and what goes.
3. Decluttering the basement. One can hardly move there - and I'm not lying, I tripped on some unknown object yesterday while searching for something in one of the endless boxes. This process will also include some wonderful moments  - for instance, sorting my art!
4. Doing sports! Probably not today, though, because it's about -15 degrees outside and I hate the very thought of driving to the gym. Also, I've just eaten an organic chocolate cookie :) A wellness day might be a good idea for a smooth comeback, though.
5. Finding a new tenant for my place. Don't wanna paint!
6. Reading + doing some holiday planing. Haven't been on the road for a VERY long time.
7. Shopping for all those necessary thing: camera bag, new printer+scanner etc.

I guess, 7 is a wonderful number so let's call it a day and look at some more lovely pictures! I wish Dasha would draw a happy cats picture for me one day...

The last picture is my all-times-favorite! I wish I could draw.... 


  1. These Pictures are really interesting and pretty. They're making positive mood.

  2. Oh yeah, they totally are and I hope that I'll have some soon :)

  3. Great illustrations, really nice work.

  4. I might convince the artist one day that they're good enough to be sold!

  5. Dear Fray Mayer, You might get an onslaught of viewers today. I mentioned your clever blog on BYW (Blogging your Way)today. Your non existent viewers may become existent.

  6. Dear Gina, you're the sweetest thing! Now this is where all these people are coming from :)
    I'm a lousy blogger, though, I have to admit it. It'll improve as soon as I find that dream apartment and leave my current one. Got too much stuff on my mind right now. So how are you doing?

  7. Dear Frau Mayer, Holly of decor8 also thought that you are a very clever writer. She called you cheeky.
    Quality is better than quantity. . . . but I would like to see another blog soon.
    Doing fine in the BYW class, judging from the comments.
    I don't take my highs and lows too seriously and the same goes for the BYW assignments.

  8. Hehehe, Gina, I think Holly's pretty clever, too :) Thx for all the compliments!
    What do you mean by another blog? A new post or are you leaving me? *panic* Please, don't, I need someone who'd dust this place off from time to time!
    Great that u r enjoying the class, I'd love to do it, too - but my schedule's been kind of insane and right now I'm just happy I can type these lines from the tub :)

  9. Dear Frau Mayer, no panic, please. I'm not going anywhere. I meant to say another post from you, soon. Do you ever worry about water and electricity? Oh, your computer doesn't plug into anything.


  10. Oh, no, it works just fine with me+laptop in the tub, however, I' m considering getting a tub tray. They're just too pricey :(
    Right, I'll do my best posting, I wish I was a free artist like you.
    Thanks for staying, so far you're one of my two permanently existing readers - and it feels great!