Donnerstag, 21. Januar 2010

Visualizing wishes

There's a lot being told about visualizing one's wishes in order to help them come true.
I have never been really serious about it - and should probably give it a try.
Let's start with porcelain!

I can recall endless hours spent reading and re-reading, re-re-reading and re-re-re-reading this book. At a certain point I even started biting little pieces off the pages, probably trying to swallow a part of that magical world. Mumins are the best possible creatures ever and I still love them all dearly!

And this is Mumin Troll himself! 

And these are Hattifnaten, those weird electrical creatures who always travel in groups and never say anything.
Oh, so many childhood memories... I would love to have the entire collection - but a couple of them actually costs a small fortune (which is why I need to visualize those :)

And now back to the more realistic items. I know that nowadays almost everyone who's a bit into Scandi style possesses some Greengate items. And I know I never really liked polka dots. However, I was thinking of adding some blue to my future kitchen (right now it's down to all possible tones of yellow+green) and I guess these would be just perfect for planting some future victims of mine:

Well, green will not be forgotten, for sure!

I'll be modest and call it a day - and there's another draft waiting to be written.
See ya none, dear noones!


  1. Hi Frau Meyer, I'll paint you a few polka dot cups and bowls, any color?


  2. Dear Gina,
    you are too kind to me and I haven't even deserved it!
    Sending ya a big hug
    Frau Mayer