Sonntag, 10. Januar 2010

Winter in the kitchen

My X-mas decorations this year looked like this:

That's it. There was nothing else, mostly due to the fact I wasn't really at home...
Using the chance, I'll show a couple of kitchen impression. I hate the naked backsplash, and as I'm moving out soon, I decided not to invest into any further shelving. So what to do? Bought this very simple line at ebay for a couple of euros, got some wooden clips from a hobby store (less than a euro), hung my favorite images (the one in the middle is me in London on an ultimately sunny, wonderful autumn day)  - ready.

I bet you know this cat!

More cats! I'm a hopeless cat freak. Got this one as a little keepsake on my last trip to Strassbourg (love the city! And all the Flammkuchen!)
So, down to business now, wishing my non-existent readers a non-existently lovely Sunday.


  1. Dear Frau Mayer, absolutely love the "non-existent reader" bit. Also love your line-clips-images solution for the plain wall.

    When you find your new home I will paint you a few cat tiles for your kitchen.

    Was ist Flammkuchen, vieleicht wie Pflaumenkuchen?


  2. Dear Gina, no no no! A Flammkuchen is a specialty from Elsass, a region that used to belong to Germany but is a part of France now. Basically, Flammkuchen is a French pizza and it looks like this:

    I'm really excited by the fact that I have a couple of readers now, especially such talented ones! As soon as I'm finished with today's work, I'll make myself a tea and spend some time at your blog which is absolutely delightful! And I won't forget the tiles :) Thanks!!!

    Btw, where does your German experience come from?

  3. Dear Frau Meyer, I will look up the Flammkuchen. We have been to the Elsass. Beautiful country and I like the fact that many inhabitants still speak German. That is my mother tongue, born in Ostpreussen and then lived in East Germany between Weimar und Erfurt, in a small farm village called Vieselbach.

    My family immigrated to the United States after my father was released from Prison Camp, Siberia, Russia.

    We love living here in the U. S., a country that took us in and gave us opportunities that would not have been possible elsewhere.


  4. Gina, you have a totally interesting life story! And it's really how you spell some nouns in your blog, starting them with capital letters, that is so German :)

    So, u're living in Utah, aren't you? The skiing paradise?

    The U.S. certainly is a wonderful country, I'm a big big fan (not only because of the wild shopping possiblities! :)
    Enjoyed your blog a lot - would you consider writing a tutorial one day *wink*?

  5. Dear Frau Meyer, you noticed, the capital letters. You are right, it is a vestige of my German school days. To me, it gives certain thoughts emphasis and more importance. It is not correct, however, it seems so natural to me.

    Yes, our snow is fantastic. Light and powdery. We cross country ski right from our terrace, through our fields and to a favorite picnic spot. Nearer Salt Lake, are the important down hill ski resorts. That is where our snow has become famous.

    Tutorial? What kind, what about?

    I am so happy to be one of your non-existent-readers!


  6. Oh no, so it's really Utah. Now you got me ÜBERjealous. Arrgh! Skiing... Skiing...
    *slightly drooling*
    Well, as for tutorials: I'm desperately waiting for the exam pressure to fall of me this April and already arranging things in my place-to-be. What does it have to do with tutorials? You see, painted furniture. Everybody does it. It looks so easy. But is it? I haven't done a single shabby chic thingy in my life and I'd really love to have a detailed instruction (of course, only if you want!)

    As a teacher-to-be, I also lurve being taught :)
    And now - I'm sorry - I have to fight with my being madly jelaous about some lucky inhabitants of the state with all those skiing possibilities (my skies are IM KELLER! and where should they be? Auf der Piste!)

  7. Dear Frau Meyer, I would be delighted to give you detailed instructions on how to "tackle" a piece of furniture or wall, or whatever, painting project you might have. Paint is cheap. And it is only paint. And if you don't like it, then add another color on top.

    The more layers, the more complex the result and the more beautiful. One of the easiest and most effective paint treatments is painting a piece your favorite color and THEN wipe on antiquing stain, or shoe polish, or tinted furniture wax. Instant masterpiece.

    This time of year my cross country skis are leaning against a big old tree, ready on a moments notice.

    Warm regards,