Freitag, 15. Januar 2010

Making cards or a bit of marthastewarism

Do you know what marthastewarism is? Of course you don't cause
a) it's a VERY rare disease
b) you don't exist, he he.

Here's the answer, though: it's what happens to everyone who wants to posses more than one Martha Stewart craft punch. Yeah, I should spend my money in a smarter way but, to be honest, I haven't shopped for clothes for ages, so I guess I can allow myself a couple of used mags, tea boxes and deliriously lovely craft punches.
So what do I need them for? Let's see...

That thingy in the background is my X-mas present, an ultimate Swiss cheese lamp.

The possibilities are, indeed, endless...

Some matching envelopes to go with the cards. Bought these ones in Thailand and totally regret not having bought MORE!
Has anyone said X-mas was over? But winter isn't which pretty much legitimates my making christmassy cards...


  1. Dear Frau Meyer,

    Nothing Martha Stewart about these cards. . . they are the wrong colors. And I am so glad, am a little tired of all that white and beige with robbin egg blue accents.

  2. Dear Outlaw (Gina),
    don't you notice the PUNCHES?
    All those beautiful punches I bought at the US ebay, had deliviered to my friends in Princeton and waited till they came to Germany round New Year to bring me those. My Goodness!
    I was even so stupid to buy a MS subsciption. Will never do that again...
    How are things in Utah?

  3. Dear Frau Mayer,

    Yes, did see the Punches. MS has a way to get you hooked (must be the photos).

    Speaking of photos, did you receive photos in your e-mail? I sent them yesterday, Jan. 16th

    All is well in Utah. We were supposed to get more snow, still waiting. We need the moisture in the mountains, or no Alfalfa.

    Warm regards,

  4. Dear Gina,
    yeah, I did. I even managed to send you an answer.