Dienstag, 5. Januar 2010

Happy New Year from Frau Mayer n Cat

Hello there, my dearest non-existent readers! Frau Mayer and Cat are both alive and are looking forward to the last couple of months in their teeny-tiny flat in H-town. What will the year bring them? We'll see.

As I've been rather lazy during the holidays and didn't get to know my camera a bit better, the only pics I can post are these ones, shot in May. Since then I've added a couple of interesting details, such as my coffee machine (he he he) or a lovely shabby ladder/shelf. I also brought a crazy amount of wonderful things from my Bangkok trip  - and have to keep them in the basement as there's simply not enough place to display all the beauties. Well, that might change quite soon!

And, anticipating your non-existent questions: I did get that mushroom poster for X-mas! And a wonderful, magical white lamp creating the nicest of evening lights. And a sewing machine!

As for now, I'll be showing around my place - again.

Can you spot five cats in this picture? I can!

I never thought I was capable of shooting such bad pictures - but here you go. At least you see that I'm a huge fan of Georgia O'Keefe. And that I definitely AM in need of a round blanket for my round bed. I currently have two ladder-like Ikea shelves next to my bed, which provides a couple of books a
nd a huge bunch or magazines with a temporary home.

Have I told you I was learning Spanish? Well, I am. This is the reason I went through all this pain of getting myself of a Magnetic Poetry Spanish Kit, buying a magnetic Ikea board, covering it with green gift paper and creating a coordinating picture (which shows two tiny kittens, looking so much like Miss Müller when she was a baby). I never really got to play with those. Well, at least I'm honest. And I never use that blender for making healthy smoothies. In fact, it's somewhere behind the curtains right now and the place on the fridge is all occupied by the HOLY COFFEE MACHINE.

I don't really know what you need this picture for but in case you've got absolutely nothing to do you could compare it to a pic of my kitchen. There's some funny similarity I'm not telling you about!

Right, and now I'm going to finally do what I've been going to do for the past year. Wish me luck!

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