Samstag, 7. Mai 2011

Guess who says Hi!

No, dear ghost readers, this blog is not dead. Its owner's life, however, has been quite busy! Three weeks in the States, wonderful, full of shopping and new impressions. No time for blogging! I'll write more about my list of must-sees in NYC and around later, promise!

Let's make it short. I went to a flea market (Golden Nugget around Princeton, NJ), I found a crate, I bought it. 

Please, ignore the laundry in the background. My crate and I (as well as the crate intruder) are both saying Hi!

Still yours,
Frau Mayer


  1. Dear Frau Mayer and Cat, Are you telling us that you hauled that crate all the way to Germany? Great to hear from you. Have a wonderful weekend and happy Mother's Day.

  2. Dear Gina, yep, that's what I did. The crate is not as big as it seems (I have a VERY small cat!) and it fit into my suitcase perfectly - I even filled it with shoes!
    Great to see you here again, sorry I almost never get to comment on your crafty, geesy blog!
    Fr. Mayer

  3. Hi there!

    Thank you: break not BRAKE... ..... ;O)