Samstag, 28. Mai 2011

Art Wall in Progress or How Not to Kill Everyone Around

Good thing I need to go pick up my bike and ride to the hardware store. Otherwise I'd turn into a mass destruction weapon. Have you ever tried to create a nice little art wall? Say, looking like this?

Then you'd better go buy a couple of nerve cells because some of yours are going to die while you arrange those damn things on the floor, cut out templates, put them on the wall only to watch them fall off and look like a complete mess. I'm also not going to talk about the AGES it took me to finally pull these frames  + pictures together.
Anyway, this is what I completed today:
Step 1
Step 2.
Guess what't falling off the wall right now!
Ok, I think that if I really want to see it all done today, I'd better disappear. I blog too much anyways, right?


  1. Dear Frau Mayer, Hanging a group of pictures is very easy. You begin with the most important picture and place it in the most advantageous spot, then you hang the rest toward the outside in all directions.
    Can't wait what you have to say.
    So glad you visit the blogging world now and then.

  2. Dearest Gina, I spend too much time in the blogging world, that's the problem! This group of pictures was very 'ordentlich' but I'll follow you advice with my next art wall (ha ha, let's see how long it's gonna take me!)
    I'm amazed someone actually visits this blog. There's a great blog design overhaul coming up, by the way!
    Greetings, your Fr.M.

  3. It is beautiful! I love the colors :)

  4. Thanks, Dawn! Your comment means a lot to me - I really treasure an artist's opinion!