Samstag, 5. Dezember 2009

Old pics, new post...

Well, it's been so nice of Holly to mention my most modest blog on her huge, adult one :) Thank you!
Unfortunately, I haven't had time  for shooting pictures and feeling inspired lately. This is why I have to dig out some VERY old pictures to show you a little bit of my living room/bedroom (you see, my apartment is really tiny).
Talk about wallpaper use...

Besides the Ikea curtains (and a table, and a ches of drawers, and a rug, and a little table AND a lamp AND a frame, well, I'm contacting that fashionable Room Magazin right away!) there's something that came from Tapetenagentur as well. I bought a simple MDF board at a Baumarkt and covered it in wallpaper. Smart, huh? Initially I was going to use it as a large, funky frame for pictures. However, the amount of stress that followed  the initial nesting stopped me from completing lots and lots of projects, not only this one.
Here's a close up. Please forgive the quality. To think it was shot by a "professional"!!!!

Let's proceed to the revelation number two. I've got a round bed!

Yes, I know, it's Ikea again. Managed to find this one for about 300 Euros (it retails for 800) and had to pick it up from Bremen. My biggest round dream is a lovely round day cover for that bed (the square one just doesn't fit). The picture is The Ligh Iris by Georgia O'Keefe and a quintessence of femininity for me... I also possess another O'Keefe print which is not on the picture, though. Oh, I really need to have another shoot :)

p.s. I have no clue where these gaps between pictures come from but they're just DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!


  1. May I ask, how do you find sheets for a round bed? Or do you buy fabric and just cut very large circles? Or perhaps do you steal the tops of circus tents? Or maybe do you shop at the local parachute store?

  2. Now this is a challenging question! Of course, after having done all of the above and being brought to court by the local circus, I ve discovered that IKEA happens to have white round sheets. Easy-peasy...
    p.s. Now you seem to be such an experienced blogspot junkie! Do you see the same gaps I see?

  3. Frau Mayer, About the spaces between the pictures: Have you clicked on the picture and then moved the photo by sliding it to the spot where they will not have spaces?

    Frohe Wheinachten und ein Glueckliches Neues Jahr! Wish I was at the Nuernberg Christ Kindle Markt.


  4. Gina, thanks a bunch, I ve taken a look at the HTML and managed to figure out where the problem was. I guess it's also browser-dependent.
    Never been to Nürnberg btw :) I guess there's still loads to discover!

  5. Oha, du hast auch ein rundes Bett! Wir auch, aber ich finde es schläft sich nicht so wahnsinnig gut darauf. Wie findest du es? (Also abgesehen davon dass es rund ist und cool aussieht)
    Viele Grüße aus dem eisigen Heidelberg!

  6. Ne, besser gesagt, ich HATTE ein rundes Bett. Ist ja ein alter Post und ganz alte Bilder. Dieses Hildesheimer Apartment ist zum Glück a thing of the past :) Das Bett würde ich übrigens nicht empfehlen, nicht sehr rückenfreundlich. Grüße zurück nach Heidelberg aus dem nicht weniger eisigen Hannover.