Sonntag, 9. Januar 2011

2011: The Year of Inspiration + Action

Hello there, dear non-existent readers! Frau Mayer is back with a massive resolution for 2011: BE INSPIRED AND ACT.

2010 was great and difficult at the same time. I achieved a lot, finished my teacher training, got a job, found out it was not all cakes and ale. I moved into my dream flat, read (too) many blogs, got inspired, bought furniture, spent endless hours at flea markets and IKEA, decorated, painted, cleaned and organised. I found wonderful new friends (hello there, Yvonne :)  and also lost some. I read (although not enough) and danced quite a bit. I traveled to Morocco, Turkey, London (saw my best friend after quite a break!) and my beloved NJ (yes, and NYC, too! Can't get enough!)  I shopped quite a bit. I got myself a Flickr account.

I read endless magazines.
Right now I feel that I need to read less and do more. During my last visit to Lüneburg I got a whole bunch of lovely mags from Yvonne and fell in love with this Danish apartment. I love the colors and the overall feeling!

Well, it's just logical that the apartment belongs to a Feng Shui expert. She definitely knows her business.
I wouldn't place so many Buddhas in my own place but I love how carefully the details are chosen here.
I never really dared to use pink - maybe it's time to give it a try?

I smiled when I saw this because I have a similar niche in my dining room and it's still half-empty so I'll be working on filling it with some eye candy in 2011, too.
There's only one word to describe this kitchen: gemütlich. Yes, it is!
I love how the owner manages to combine clean and fluffy. And so incredibly simple!

So this is what I am feeling right now - inspired. Let's see what kind of action is going to follow. Happy New 2011, everyone!


  1. I also love this flat. It would be too girlish for Markus but one could add a bit of Grey, Charcoal or Black. I tried to get these colours into our bedroom and it works. I am working our palette slowly from Purple Grey and Taupe to a more Pinkish one. It works perfect with the oriental touch but is too cheesy with the English Rose touch. Give it a try and mix Pink with Morocco and Istanbul: it works!

  2. Oh yeah, I think I need some serious consulting here :) Bring in the experienced one!
    My bf's room is a mix of white, grey and black, honestly, there's too little colour in it and in my room there's such a bucn of flowers and butterflies that I'm scared myself! I guess it's all about finding the balance... I do have quite a bit of Morocco in the living room - pink cushions, maybe?