Sonntag, 28. November 2010

The trees are in!

What is Vivian looking at? She's rather suspicious about those green things that have just moved in here!

Oh, those ones?
Mmmh, let me see!
They're not so bad after all! It's winter here  - and most Germans are celebrating the first advent Sunday (which I'm not - stuck to my desk, heaps of work all around me).
This is what Frau Mayer indulges in right now - ordering things via the Internet because she doesn't really leave the house (well, we don't count those trips to work and back). I envy those of you with loads of free time on your hands a lot and can't wait for the holidays to come.
By then, you'll have created beautiful decorations, baked bunches of cookies and I'll have graded ten written exams, so those of my non-existent readers who think that teachers lead a relaxed lifestyle can come along and I'll suffocate them all by myself! Mmmh, what a terrible load of self-pity in a harmless post about trees.

Have a relaxed Sunday, those of you who can!


  1. sweet decorations. The cat looks like she's ready to attack!

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