Sonntag, 7. November 2010

Weekend news

It's Sunday again and as it's been ages since my last post, here are those long-hoped-for updates.
I'm feeling endlessly inspired right now. Might have something to do with all the recent travels, beautiful things and wonderful people I came across...

Yvonne who lives in a magazine-ripe house (what would you say about this?) visited me yesterday, so I could show her around the List, Nordstadt and Herrenhausen districts (yes, Coffee and Carrots and Esplanade visits were obligatory but we also made it to a bunch of other nice places including a massive indoor fleamarket right where noone would expect it to be!)

Yvonne could easily earn her living being a personal shopper, she has such an eye for all the beautiful (and non-ripoff!) things out there and so many immediate ideas what one could do with those finds that I just kept my ears open and soaked it all in :) She's so easy-going and warm I'm happy we had a chance to meet!

Corner of the living room/dining room

If you're not Moline's fan yet, dear non-existent visitors, you have to go and become one right away.
Meanwhile, there are some visuals for you here as well (although I definitely can't keep up with Yvonne's colorful goodness of a home).
Remember my cabinet dilemma? It's been solved. Bought, delivered, cleaned, filled.
Die Wohngeschwister is the place to go. I also purchased a beautiful metal Morocco-style coffee table and got a massive discount which covered delivery costs for the cabinet.

And here's his majesty (filled with rather non-satisfying Ikea mag holders - I also took time to organise my mag collection).

The living room looks much more complete now.
If you look closer, you'll see that someone had tried painting that door (and failed completely). The phones, the router and several kilometres of cables are hidden in the basket. There's still a lot to be done but I noticed I really enjoy passing through the living room now.
We saw mushillions of mushrooms yesterday. Take any store, fancy or not, they'll be there, looking right at you! Now this really makes Fr.Mayer happy.
There are lots of hearts, too. I guess I'll need to buy a bunch for the Xmas presents this year.
And here's a whole bunch of thanks to Margret, the author of these beautiful light-blue curtains. I'm happy, happy, happy!


Thanks, dear Yvonne, hope we'll meet again soon - I can learn so much from you!

Although November and the first part of December are going to be rather busy, I can already sense the holidays and look forward to our holiday destination, one of my most cherished ever.

See you all, dear non-existent friends, later (hopefully earlier than in a month!)

First image: Moline.


  1. Blushing right here Alina! Thank you so much for this blog post and again for the day we had yesterday. And I thought you were working today on school things... Your flat is so great and I am waiting to see what comes next!
    In a few weeks we will be getting crafty in Lüneburg ! The last time we were only idling around!
    Warm greetings from the Bionade-Bourgeoisie-front out here and also Hi to Vivian and Mr. K.!

  2. No need to blush, dear Yvonne, simply accept the fact that you're awesome ;)
    Yeah, I'm totally looking forward to my next Lüneburg visit, I want to make some soft trees and hard cats and whatnot!
    Vivian is your big friend now, guess why, and Mr.K is happy to have some authority support :) Guess there's no way to avoid that Spielautomaten-idea any more...
    Back to my school things (thanks, the voice of conscience) now!

  3. Dear Frau Mayer, It is amazing how a few extra little touches change the complexion of the entire room. It is obvious that you are very happy in your new digs. It looks great.
    Why don't I show my loot from my trip to Morocco and Paris, you asked? I didn't buy anything. Some little embroidered red shoes in the Souk, that's all. Oh, yes, I bought a beautiful, embroidered yellow pillow cover at the Versailles gift shop. Goes well with the yellow pillow cover I bought a few years ago at the gift shop of the Neuschwanstein Castle. They look especially fabulous on my hand printed chintz, lavender sofa. I can see you cringe!

  4. Hey, Gina, I'm gonna surprise you as I have a funky pillow project all planned and it includes LOADS of colorful fabric!
    There'll be more extra touches soon as I'm working on several art walls - collecting frames, artwork and such. My Sempe print is up already and staying temporarily at the fireplace - and you're right, it does change so much!
    Always glad to see you here, Gina.