Freitag, 22. Oktober 2010

Happy place

Yesterday I curled on the sofa with a glass of wine and a large amount of House M.D. to enjoy... (the longer I live in this flat, the more of a Happy Place it becomes to me). What a perfect final chord to the relaxation phase of my holidays: a week in Istanbul, meeting old and making new friends (Yvonne, I'm so glad we met!), dancing all night long, a bit of mushroom-y and crafty shopping, being at home and enjoying it, I simply don't want it all to end!

Oh yeah, and I shopped for furniture, too!

A new addition to my Happy Place! My lovely Ikea table moved to another study (around the corner :) and this is what I chose for my room - however, it arrived slightly damaged, so it'll have to be replaced in about six weeks. I also got myself those wonderful map stickers for the mag holders in the shelves to add a bit of color to the room, they fit very nicely, methinks!


This huge Ikea box is full of thrifted frames, prints, paper and such. Some of the new additions don't even fit in there any more - and there's another, even bigger box, in the living room. How many times have I promised myself I'd take care of those art walls? Now I'm posting this embarassing picture... Let's see how long it takes till those art walls are set!


Yesterday I went and got myself some X-massy mushrooms and hearts plus a couple of things I've been wanting for a while but never came to purchasing (smaller frames, mappy wrapping paper to frame).
It's strange how happy mushrooms can make you!
The tea tray is new as well and no, it doesn't come from Turkey, this one is from Madame Stolz.

And speaking of Turkey
Blue skies, holidays, a wonderful city, what else to add?

Well, corrections, I'm coming! See you not-so-soon, dear non-existant readers :)


  1. Thanks for having been my guest (and Vivian, too!) and I can see you are busy again rearranging things in the apartment. I also started to tackle some frames (they also reside for ages here in plastic storage...) and started making Pauline's art wall AND starting to finalize (how weird sounds that?) her room. But my general tiredness of being a mom and my magazine addiction stopped me after a few hours to eat some of the Lokum you brought me from Istanbul and some leftover cake with a few new mags.
    See you soon and happy framing!

  2. Looking forward to seeing Pauline's room all ready and arranged... Oh, how I'd love to spend a while in your study enjoying every little detail, it really looks like a little museum of curiosities!
    I can totally understand that mag addiction thing. So looking forward to putting them all in my new cabinet as soon as it's here!
    Hope you left your husband some of the Lokum ;)
    p.s. Soon there'll be even more mags!

  3. we certainly exist!;)
    and really glad for ur holidays and other stuff!)

  4. Dear Frau Mayer and Cat, All looking great and so are you ... such a happy and carefree picture of you.

  5. Стол просто шикарен! Тоже такой хочу!

  6. Dear Splitch, good to see u're alive! That makes me glad, too. Now, as you can see, my header hasn't changed a single bit! XOXOXO

  7. Dear Gina, thanks, I guess it's the feeling of freedom :) Hope your holidays went well! Why don't you show your loot?

  8. Thank you for sharing your "happy place"..... your sense of design is so very nice and fresh.

  9. Thanks, dear dls, I never knew I had something like a sense of design :) But it sure feels good to know!