Sonntag, 14. November 2010

Pinterest + too much work

Thanks, dear Yvonne, for making me addicted. Right now I'm ignoring a large pile of philosophy exams in order to pin more fabric for my little pillow project on my Wishlist board. How productive!

Whatever... I guess it'll make me correct even faster now that I'm feeling happy!

I'm actually really proud of myself as I've recently managed to hit the gym more than once a week (this week it's been almost 5 hours of sports plus sauna where I met another teacher, of course :), keep my place relatively clean and spend some quality bionadebourgoisie time with one sweet guy who happens to live just around the corner from my room. Yeah, and watch a great deal of House MD! I'm in the middle of the sixth season and actually scared of what happens when I'm done.

As for this weekend - now I know another cool location to have breakfast/coffee at - Meilenstein, Lister Meile (it's right in the beginning). That superdeal page surely rules - we got our breakfast for under 15 Euros for both! And I'm so looking forward to having that cool wellness treatment together with my party animal friend Ina in a couple of weeks.

And this, by the way, is my next crafty project! Thanks again, dear Yvonne, you're the best!

A friendly hug from Fr. Mayer to all of you (now, that doesn't happen to often!)
Fr. Müller says Hi as well - she's happy that her son has finally found a wonderful new owner. Annika, I'm happy for you both and look forward to some good Button news! 

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