Sonntag, 9. Januar 2011

Same month, different post!

This is what I call action! As I'm slowly recovering from severe jetlag, I'm trying to find some time for too-long-procrastinated-over things, too.
Like creating an art wall (and this is a HUGE project. Honestly, I'm scared of it). Or buying fabric for a million of cushions I'd like to have. Or decluttering the bathroom. Or selling things in the basement that are taking up space. Or getting a new washing machine (yes, it has to be Miele. I surrender).
Or maybe saying a big thank you to someone who introduced me to soft trees!
Now, I had the most amazing time in Lüneburg, browsing place like this:

And thinking of getting some fluffy trees myself - which I didn't because right after Christmas we packed our things and went to face the blizzards - pobably the most stupid time to fly to the states. Ever. 

And crafting, of course. I actually stuffed a whole little forest!

This time I even got to play in Yvonne's beautiful studio. And entertain Pauline a bit (which was fun, too).

Now I need to survive January (too many days that will be spent at work, too little free time), loose some weight, finish that art wall, get myself another play date and stay inspired.

All pictures courtesy of Yvonne. Tree on!

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