Dienstag, 25. August 2009

More fleamarket finds

I need a break so badly! Somewhere in the world there are women busying themselves inventing a yummy dinner for their hubby and pulling scrapbooks together. Well... Not the case here.

Tonight there're more fleamarket finds to adore.

I found this beauty in an old paper box full of 50 cent garbage. It's handmade in Greece.

Here it is, enjoying its second life. (I absolutely HATE the wallpaper. Can't wait to get into a place with plain walls in need of some lovely paint).

This bat-marked treasure cost me 3 euros. I couldn't believe my luck! There are many lamps like this to be found at German flea markets - in all possible colours.

Yet another proof of my tiny-bottle-fetish. This baby cost me 50 cent - and it looks so unique compared to the mass Ikea bottles with a terrible plastic cork.
The peppers come from my MOST favourite Turkish store round the corner. NB: you shouldn't keep olive oil exposed to direct sunlight unless you REALLY need to showcase the bottle it's in.

The final pic for today: my flower-pot-to-be:

You got it all right! 50 cent!

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