Sonntag, 23. August 2009

Ghost of the Flea

I finally made myself take some pictures!
Yesterday I spent a couple of hours at the Langenhagen flea market. The place is huge and a visit without a thick layer of spf and your own coffee flask is highly non-reccomended (it got REALLY hot and the coffee was sensationally BAD).

And this is what came home with me yesterday (apart from some pimp-my-bike thingies like a basket and a bell that cost €4 together and that still need to be fastened)

The biggest highlight of them all. I fell in love at once. Imagine some fancy shabby chic online store selling this cuteness for €49,99 :) I got it for 5! (pls dont pay attention to the spots on my kitchen table, it really needs to be sanded and lacquered)

It's time to admit it. I have a tin fetish. This one is going to hold my baking supplies (although I virtually never bake).

The lid view. Isn't it just beautiful? 50 cent (no hip hop allusions here!)

I also have a clear tiny-bottle-fetish. When I grow up and have a kitchen larger than 2,5 square metres, I'll have loads of shelves to exhibit my passion (filled with all kinds of olive oil).
€ 2,50 for three.

This glass is shabby chic pure. It says "Le Parfait super" and I still have no clue what to fill it with as I don't eat any sugary stuff.

That is probably one of my most grown-up purchases ever. A silver cutlery set from Solingen (50 pieces). I happily invested € 17 and can get rid of my ugly IKEA cutlery (worn out plastic blue handles, brrr) now.

The shells were for free. Oh yeah, and have I mentioned I have a shell fetish, too?

I'll be uploading part II today with some older, wonderful flea market finds and right now I'll be heading to the garden to get some work done (on Sunday, yes).

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