Freitag, 21. August 2009

Pics or no pics - that's the question

Checked out my very modest Flickr sets. Too ashamed to post anything... I do need a new camera SO badly.

So after a really HOT (in the means of temperature :) week, it's raining here. Totally refreshing...

I'm drinking an excellent (and pricey) sencha, listening to salsa and entertaining Ms. Müller while anticipating a trip to the huge Langenhagen flea market tomorrow. Hoping to find some stuff to pimp up my bike (basket, bike bell, lamp etc.) and, if i'm lucky, some nice cutlery. Will do my best and keep my distance from decorating thingies - my flat's getting too crammed.

Speaking of flea markets... I do have some incredibly great items I might get to photographing later in order to compensate the non-present flat pics... Just have to finish the cleaning action :)

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