Sonntag, 12. September 2010

A glimpse of the living room + a practical bonus

I guess I'll never manage to post regularly and tell long, emotional stories about the leaves landing on my balcony. Whatever. Here's a couple of (too dark) shots from my living room. This sofa makes me and everybody else living here totally happy. It's also a constant source of anxiety (Spots! Jumpy cats!), though.

The new sofa

I need a million of frames. The living room is still not cosy enough...

The door to my room
This is not really the living room - I just wanted to show off my door. And the wallpaper (it was one extreme experience, standing on the ladder, trying to get the stripes straight. Those ceilings are 3,80 high!)
This is not a pretty picture. However, this piece of furniture makes me extremely happy. It's three meters wide and holds just about everything that needs to be tucked away. And - for the first time in my life I have a decent closet. Everything fits! Bliss...


  1. You're so silly!!!! Are you MOCKING ME!??!?? :) Well nah nah nah nah nah I like to describe Autumn, SO THERE.

    Nice sofa, where did you get it.

    Those doors are HOT.

  2. Ha ha, you're damn smart. Honestly, I'm mocking everyone writing about that autumn bliss :) Because you know what? There's noone in the blogosphere (I also have another blog, in another language, in another part of this happy sphere) who doesn't do that.
    The sofa comes from the store we all know - Sofa Loft - I used to live next to it, so this was the first place we went to. Yeah, the sofa's incredibly cool. I love it!
    Those doors are from the other planet, I guess. Weird that the people who lived here didn't charge us for it (they wanted money for basically everything they were going to leave, so in the end their priceless possessions were just ripped out, how sad, no stupid shabby kitchen and overpriced curtains).

  3. I forgot all about Sofa Loft. I have to go over there now. Thank you for the reminder!!!

    And yes, I know when a bratty girl is mocking me!!!! Nah nahnah nah nah!!!!

  4. Lol, don't take it so seriously :) I'm your biggest fan, ya know!
    Really thirlled to see what you'll pick for your over-the-top HOT place!

  5. Im so glad I found your blog I love it. My best friend moved to Hanover from Australia 6 yrs ago, I miss her terribly but reading German blogs kind of gives me an insight into her life there. (I couldn't believe my luck when Holly moved there too)
    OMG those doors are stunning. By the way your cat is sooo beautiful. Megan xx

  6. Uiuiui ist das ein toller Glitzerteppich!! Woher ist der? :)

  7. Dear Megan, it's always good to have visitors :) Have a seat n a cup of a tea! Is your friend teaching at the uni? Because in this case I might
    know her!
    My cat, Ms. Müller, looks rather pleased after I've read her yet another portion of compliments. And yeah, I can't stop looking at those doors myself!

  8. Lieber Kathrin, mit ein wenig Hilfe aus Marrakech angereist ;)

  9. Hach das wird ja dann ein wenig schwer mit dem Nachkaufen. ;) Wie auch immer: WUNDERSCHÖN! :)

  10. Ach, nicht traurig sein, Kathrin, mein anderer Teppich ist z.B. eine einfach IKEA-Kreation, und ich mache ihn kein bisschen weniger als den Marokkaner!

  11. Dear Frau Mayer, Everything is looking pretty spiffy. You must take credit for having found such a fabulous apartment. It has great bones. Wonderful windows, high ceilings, great doors and I would love to see what you are doing with your balconies.

  12. Gina, your compliments make my heart melt! You know how much I treasure your opinion!
    Yes, the apartment is a dream came true, but unfortunately, apart from buying a madly beautiul set of vintage garden furnitire, I haven't really gotten to upgrading the balconies. I need to do it next year and start a little Kräutergarten just to practice.
    Many hugs,