Samstag, 3. Oktober 2009

It's holiday time!

Which means Frau Mayer is spending time in bed, surrounded by her faithful laptop and two kitties, Ms. Vivian Müller and Ms. Müller's son, Mr. Button (two times larger than his mom, very fluffy and playful). Somehow these cats seem to hate each other and I'll be very relieved when Button gets back to his Hamburg home. They are both lying next to me - Ms. Müller is being VERY jealous, he he.

Lots of things that need to be taken care of.
Let's see...

Swapping summer clothes for the winter lot.
Giving the basement a quick clean-up.
Cleaning the flat and rearranging some of the cluttered corners.
Writing, writing, writing. 28 pages to go.

Right now I'm finishing some weekend work and looking forward to getting out of my chaotic place for a couple of hours. Have a nice weekend, my dear non-existent readers!


  1. may i ask you a question please? where does one find cats and dogs here to adopt or buy? i went to a pet shop near ernst august gallery and only found hamsters, birds, rats and guinea pigs.

  2. You can ask me as many questions as you want :) The place you're looking for is called Tierheim, you can find numbers at If you want a small one, you might want to visit and check out some tiny thingies. I fell in love with my cat via Internet a while ago and drove all the way down to Bavaria to pick her up. Never regretted this decision, no single second. She's my daily miracle.

  3. I mean, a small puppy/kitty, of course.