Sonntag, 18. Oktober 2009

Sunday musings

Let's see. Lately, I've learned the word Katzenblog (German for a blog nobody is interested in), spent a LOT of time home but also travelled to Reutlingen and Mönchengladbach to visit some of my wonderful friends. Here's a big YAY to the Internet, bringing people together. Of course I was accompanied by Ms. Müller the cat, who enjoyed a lot of attention and behaved nicely all the time.

Now that the amount of work got so frustrating I don't even want to think of it and provided the fact the school's kicking off again tomorrow, I' ll try to put it in a nutshell.

Deborah Bibby, the most wonderful mag editor ever, sent me 4 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) back issues of the most wonderful interior mag in the world. Thanks again! I also won a couple of ebay auctions and am now the proud owner of the entire stack of Living&More mags from 2008 + some from the actual year. These mags are pure beauty and so inspiring I just want to run to a Baumarkt and get some white paint/a brush in order to finallly start working on some of my long neglected projects.

However, I do have something in mind to birghten up my days. is such a great source of inspiration! I already posses a whopping roll of this wallpaper (framed/glued on a wooden base some of it) which was my housewarming gift from a friend.

So yesterday I did a fair bit of blogging and then went into my kitchen to make a fifth liter of green tea and there it was, a tiny idea... I guess that's what my kitchen walls do to me - the warmest, sunny yellow possible.

Mmmh, I'm not telling you what is going to happen to these most delicious wallpaper scraps ever (maybe there's even more to come!) but I'm so looking forward to that package. The wallpaper is from PIP Studio and is available at Tapetenagentur. The best thing about that store is that you can order samples... *happy anticipation*

All right, there's some ebay activity awaiting me (I'm putting in a lot of interior mags as well)  - catch you, my dear non-existent readers, some other time.


  1. Oh I see, you framed free wallpaper samples as art. SMART girl. I have to see if they'll fall for this scheme again - I will order some too. You've created a monster here!!!