Montag, 2. November 2009

Kitchen updates & a tiny pet store bonus

Been neglecting my lovely useless blog for a while. Heaps (not kidding, this is what I can see from my comfy bed) of work and no relief in sight..
However, you need something to cheer you up even in the most heapful (hm, is that a neologism?) times. Let's say, wallpaper. And frames. Mix them up and get:

Also in the picture: two deliriously expensive Rice bowls (OMG, did I REALLY pay 13 Euros for each? I must have been mad and there was no one to stop me!) which make me deliriously happy (look at that shape!), a tiny tin palace, loveliest Ikea cups ever (too bad eveybody has them) and, mmmh, well, more Ikea stuff.

I also made a third picture using the blue wallpaper but it just didn't fit.
By the way, this is my kitchen shelf before - I just removed all the things I never used.

Sorry bout the picutre quality, good that noone reads this blog anyway! The blue garbage can had to go (yes, I now possess a fashionable yellow one, who could imagine that?) and I managed to purchase a 1-euro-folding table at ebay which was kindly installed by a very dear friend (total cost of the project: 11 euros  - had to pay the shipping, too.

And finally some eye candy for my non-existenst readers: a teeny tiny pet store I discovered at a flea market in Hamburg. I recall paying 2 euros for two houses. They are made in England and too die for. 

Well, I guess that's it for today, see none of you ( there's no one here anyway, right?) later!


  1. What an amazing find! Could you let me know in which fleamarket you found this in? Do you have any more information on the maker of this? Any infos greatly appreciated - thanks :-)

  2. I really like this yellow wall and the Rice bowls. I have FOUR of them in purple and my god I don't know why I bought them either except they are really, really cute. I got them at Esplanade in Hannover, have you been there yet? It is full of many more expensive stupid things no one needs (but everyone wants). Oh and if you want, you can buy copycat versions of those Rice bowls, I thought they were THE rice bowls but they are not, from that store in the Ernst August Gallerie called Butler's. Walk in and towards the back, left side on a shelf. In all colors. Even plates to match and like 3 euros each or something.

  3. @smbumblbee
    Sorry, just found your comment, too used to noone showing up here :) It was a flea market at Goldbeckhaus in Hamburg but I guess it's not going to help you because, well, it was a flea market. They never have the same item 2 times. The seller told me though that she had bough the houses in England. I recall paying 2 Euros for both of them... There's no name on any of them, unfortunately...

  4. @Holly
    Now, you have three tries to guess where I bought my Rice bowls. Here you go, Esplanade! I had to pre-order them and waited for about 2 months until they finally arrived. And yeah, I know what stuff at Butlers you mean (btw, Butlers is a chain of stores), those lilac, pink and white bowls are really pretty and I was considering getting some. However, my kitchen is all about green and yellow and I'm already feeling a bit limited by that color choice. Thanks again for your advice!
    Esplanade IS evil! It is so full of mushrooms... All kinds of them (although I never managed to find those Mailed mushrooms you happen to have).

  5. those mushrooms from maileg are sold currently in this little shop near my apartment in list. it's called lillehus. go there. now. :)

    or i can pick one up for you and post it. i'm nice like that. :)

    yes esplanade is evil!!!! and did you know that another evil store is around the corner owned by my friend called sommerflugel? it's wonderfully evil. and another shop will open near esplanade very soon called snug and it looks wonderful too. owned by another german girl here -- she is a designer -- she writes a blog called domestic candy, do you know it?

    and have you been to the shop in Linden called "ENNA"? it is filled with mushrooms, kawaii things from japan and is very, very evil. And kleinod across the street from enna is also evil. that is owned by a nice lady who mixes vintage with new and her prices are really, really good.

  6. Omg, List is so full of EVIL! You do sound like a girl on a mission :) Too bad that's the place I'm moving to in a couple of months. I'll check out that Lilehus place, definitely deserved a mushroom after the terrible stress I ve recently had (thesis followed by appendicitis followed by lots of corrections and preparations for another big lesson visit).
    Domestic Candy definitely rings a bell, will check it out again, too.
    Oh, I just love List and all those lovely little stores. Although the place is turning into a little copy of Prenzelberg (Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin which you definitely know), it's still fun to be there. You know, I am a Südstadt girl actually but there has to be a change once in a while!

  7. You are moving to list? oh lovely. We can have coffee. :)

  8. You seem to be reading my thoughts :)